Thursday, October 30, 2014

He-Man battles Concussions

Today after school I had to sit through a presentation on Concusssions with the students on my Bowling Team. This is a requirment for all coaches and athletes. I had to laugh when suddenly there were Masters of the Universe figures on the screen!

Basically the one kid was talking about trying to entertain yourself when you are resting after a concussion. You aren't supposed to read or play video games. The one kids suggestions playing with toys from your childhood. I think He-Man is from the person who made the videos childhood not the kids in the video. The video is on the Children's Hospital of Colorado's site.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

SEO Halloween Special ft. Ninja Turtles

To go along with the kiddie toy reviews I've been doing for Super Excited Outrageous Toy Reviews, I created a Halloween Special.

It's a goofy story about the Ninja Turtles getting ready to throw a Halloween party and the chaos caused by the cleaning.

The Halloween Special is not animated, it just me playing with toys kind of like the SEO Reviews.

I think it ended up being pretty funny, and if you have little kids or nieces and nephews feel free to share the Halloween Special with them an let me know what they think.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Geldor - MOTUC

Geldor was the fan choice character released in 2013 as part of the Masters of the Universe Classics Subscription. Geldor's only appearance in previous MOTU Media was one of the original mini-comics. In the story he's searching for a way to extend his life. He finds a special elixir but the liquid is spilled in battle.

Geldor has white/gray hair similar to Mr. T. Pretty much the rest of his outfit is red. Geldor has a long loin-cloth, chest plate, boots and gloves. Some parts of his outfit are detailed in dark brown.

 As a fun accessory, Geldor comes with a small clear plastic "cup" of elixir.

Geldor also came with a huge but boxy looking battle ax. Geldor isn't my favorite figure, but he's not bad. I understand that probably many collectors always wanted this character since they read the mini-comic as a kid. I always wanted the Mask of Power Demons from one of the other mini-comics.

Monday, October 27, 2014

The Baroness visits the Secret Stash

Last night's episode of Comic Book Men featured a woman dressed up as the Baroness from GI Joe trying to sell the comic shop a carded Baroness action figure to raise money for cat charities. Well, that woman is a good friend of mine, and co-organizer of Retro Con, Rose Tuski. I was excited to see her on the show. You did a great job Rose.

The opening segment of the show was filmed on the same day. A few other friends appeared in the opening. In the background you can see my friend Mike Breaux, host of the Breaux Show.

Depending on if Mike Zapzic was leaning forward or backwards you could either see Mike Breux or Rose's husband and Retro Con Co-Organizer Tony Tuski. These guys weren't the first people I've seen on Comic Book Men that I've known. Red Bank, NJ isn't that far from where I live, and the toy and comic community isn't that big. This was the first time how ever the people on the show were close friends of mine.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Nimrod - X-Force - ToyBiz

Nimrod was released by ToyBiz in 1995 as part of the X-Force subline of their successful X-Men figure series. Nimrod is the leader of the Sentinels in the Future.

The red robot figure with with black details is a massive hunk of plastic. He has four point of articulation since his head is just a detail on his torso. For an action feature, Nimrod can fire a rocket from his wrist using a spring-loaded mechanism. He is able to store his extra yellow rockets on his wrist as well.I picked this figure up for $5 carded in beat up packaging at my local comic shop a while back.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Batman to Bruce Wayne - The Batman

I never really watched "The Batman" cartoon series, but I have picked up a few figures from the line at yard sales over the years. Bruce Wayne is dressed in a all black outfit and came with removable cape/cowl, gloves, boots, and utility belt. When I bought Batman he only included his cape/cowl and boots. He's a rugged figure with 7 points of articulation. He has the standard 5 points plus knees.

 I'm glad that they didn't bother to put a bat-symbol on Bruce Wayne's outfit. I also really like that the neither Batman or Bruce suffer from the design of the others outfit.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Star Wars Prequels - Snow Patrol

Flashback to last winter... I spent a decent amount of time photographing toys in the snow on two different occasions in which school was canceled because of bad weather. Here we see a squad of Snowtroopers on patrol with an Imperial Walker.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Flea Market Finds #32

I've been super busy lately and I feel bad that I keep missing blog posts. Yesterday I came home from work with a really bad headache. I sat down in front of the TV and ended up sleeping for 12 hours (6 PM to 6 AM). I guess I needed it. If I try to have a normal life as well as work at the haunted hayride I really don't get enough sleep on the weekends. For instance over the weekend after getting home from the hayride after 1 AM (and not going to bed right away because I'm hyped up) I go up at 8 AM to go out to some yard sales on Saturday morning. Boy was I glad I did. I haven't been out to the flea markets on Sundays with my buddies in a couple of months. I was very excited to go out and to find some cool items.

I was at several yard sales in my town and then I went to a couple multi-family yard sales and communitiy flea markets 20 minutes or less away. I found a whole buch of 80's goodness.

 I got a Sectaurs character with his belt. Rowdy Roddy Piper with his cloth kilt from the LJN Wrestlers line. I picked up Extendar, Stratos, He-Man, Prince Adam, and one of the Rock People from Masters of the Universe. From the Real Ghostbusters line I picked up Dracula and Madame O from Bionic 6. I got a Visionaries figure, Captain Power bad guy and a villain from RoboCop. In addition I also picked up a mini-figure from Star Comm and a small bendy E.T. figure.

I also found a My Pet Monster Lunch Box complete with thermos. All these toys and the lunch box came to a total of $20.75. I'm pretty pleased. I have pretty much all the He-Man figures already, but I might use them for custom figures, or just to practice replacing the leg rubber bands before I try it on my broken Faker.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Disney Pixar Action Figures - SEO Toy Review

The Super Exciting Outrageous Toy Review project keeps on trucking. We are getting some views, but not quite as many as we'd hoped. I really like how these Disney Pixar reviews turned out. I think they show off the toys nicely and are still entertaining. Check them out, let me know what you think.

Cube 'n' Stack Wall-E

Search 'n' Protect Eve

Mr. Incredible

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Zartan v1 - GI Joe '84

Zartan, the leader of the Dreadnoks is often considered to be the greatest GI Joe figures and has even been near to top of  lists of the greatest action figures of all time. Zartan may be tied with Sgt. Slaughter for the most popular GI Joe vehicle driver. He did not come on a card back like many GI Joes, Zartan was released in a small box that included his Chameleon Swamp Skier vehicle.

Zartan was a very important character in both the GI Joe comic book and cartoon. His figure doesn't quite match his appearance in the supporting media, but is close. Zartan included several accessories as well as an interesting action feature. Zartan's skin changes colors when exposed to sunlight. He turns a bluish color rather quickly when taken outside. Zartan also came with armor and color change stickers that were to be placed on the armor. He has a chest plate and thigh pads. In addition to his armor Zartan also came with a black pistol, black back pack, and a mask. Pictured above is a vintage Zartan with a weapon pack version of his gun and a Funskool mask from India. No other vehicle driver in the GI Joe line came with so many accessories.

In the photo above on figure's chest plate has the color change sticker while the other does not. I have an extra Zartan as a back up in case his o-ring ever breaks. As part of the color change plastic process Zartan's torso is fused closed. Removing the screw from his back doesn't allow you access to o-ring inside.

I didn't have Zartan as a kid, I bought my first one in High School from a toy dealer at a local  in-door flea market. I don't really have a great about when I bought Zartan, but I have two pretty good stories about times I didn't buy him.

As a kid I was able to buy one GI Joe at a yard sale and I looked through the bin of figures and was debating between buying Zartan and Lift-Ticket. I bought Lift-Ticket, thinking I might never get the Tomahawk. Well, little did I know that I'd get that helicopter that year for Christmas and that Zartan was an out of production figure and rather uncommon.

The second time I passed up on Zartan was when my Mom toook me to a "huge GI Joe yard sale" according to the newspaper ad back in the 80's. They had just about all the figures and vehicles from 1982-1985 for sale at this yard sale. I wanted Zartan, but I kept asking my Mom to get me the Flagg. I only picked out a few figures and just held out hope that my Mom would talk it over with my Dad and call them back, as she promised. How crazy would it have been if she bought me a Flagg with it's box for $20 back in like '89.