Thursday, May 30, 2019

Flea Market Finds - May 2019

It's getting warm out, time to start hitting yard sales and flea markets again. He's what I found last weekend. Mostly Power Rangers, GI Joes, and some cake pans.

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Metalhead - Vintage TMNT

The final video in our series of vintage Ninja Turtle reviews for the month of May. Kevin, Mike, and Nick take a look at Metalhead. This action feature has it all, light piping, vac metal, and multiple accessories.

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Night King - Game of Thrones - McFarlane Toys

Time to take a look at the new Night King action figure from McFarlane Toys. The big bad from Game of Thrones in action figure form. McFarlane is doing a great job with the figures and I really hope this line continues. Finger crossed that tonight's episode of Thrones is a good one.

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Power Rangers White Ranger - Lightning Collection

Time to look at the Power Rangers White Ranger Lightning Collection action figure. Hasbro's first attempt at a MMPR figure turned out pretty great. Check out the review below for details on this awesome Tommy Oliver action figure based on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Casey Jones - Vintage TMNT

I know I previously blogged about Casey Jones, but this time we are talking about him on SEO Toy Review. I'm joined by my buddies Mike & Nick to talk about this vintage Ninja Turtles action figure. What do you thing about Casey Jones? Did you have him as a kid? This video includes a brief clip from when I got Casey Jones for my birthday as a little kid.

Sunday, May 5, 2019

Arya Stark - Game of Thrones - McFarlane Toys

Last week on Game of Thrones, Arya Stark was the hero of the day. This week I'm taking a look at a modern figure of her based on the current season. McFarlane toys announced they had the GOT licence back at New York Toy Fair. Their first wave of figures have been showing up in stores and mine finally arrived from Amazon. I really like the figures I've taken a look at so far. Check out the review below.

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Arya Stark - Game of Thrones Legacy Collection

Today we are taking a look at Arya Stark from the Game of Thrones Legacy Collection. This line by Funko and Gentle Giant was pretty decent. I just got Arya from the new McFarlane line and I can't wait to compare them.

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Game of Thrones Legacy Collection - White Walker

Happy Easter! Today we are taking a look at an "Ice Zombie" from Game of Thrones. The Legacy Collection White Walker is a nice figure. The glow-in-the-dark feature seems pointless to me. I have bought two of this White Walker figures because I broke one trying to pose him. The second one I heated up with a hair dryer before moving his joints. Are you guys excited for the second episode of Season 8?

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Game of Thrones Legacy Collection - Jon Snow

The final season of Game of Thrones starts tonight! In honor of season 8 we are featuring Game of Thrones toys all month on SEO Toy Review. Today is a special episode of Action Figure Adventures focusing on Jon Snow. The Legacy Collection is a collector's line created by Gentle Giant and Funko.

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Game of Thrones Legacy Collection: Brienne of Tarth

Who's excited for this Sunday? All new episode of Game of Thrones come out this weekend and so we are honoring the show all month with Game of Thrones action figures. Today is the Legacy Collection Brienne of Tarth. This powerful warrior is an interesting character and has been immortalized as a pretty cool action figure. Check out the video review below.

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Game of Thrones Legacy Collection Jamie Lannister

For Game of Thrones month on Thursdays we are focusing on the nice Legacy Collection figure released during the first few seasons of the show. Jamie Lannister started out as a pretty despicable characters, but has been amazingly humanized. He's now one of my favorite characters on the show.
Check out the review of Jamie Lannister in his King's Guard Armor below.

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Joffrey Baratheon - Game of Thrones Funko Pop

More Funko Pop Game of Thrones love from SEO Toy Review. Joffrey Baratheon is one of the most hated characters from GOT. Here is a review of his Pop Vinyl figure. Check out SEO Toy Review all month for Game of Thrones toys.

Monday, April 1, 2019

Jon Snow Funko Pop - Game of Thrones

April is Game of Thrones month on SEO Toy Review. We are kicking it off with Jon Snow (Castle Black)! Are you excited for the final season of Game of Thrones? Check back all month for more #GOT

Thursday, March 28, 2019

WACS Toys & Collectibles Toy Haul

This is my most recent Toy Haul from WACS Toys in Norristown, PA. I picked up some Power Rangers, Game of Thrones, and Snailiens toys plus more. Check out all the fun new items I've added to my collection in the video down below.

Saturday, March 23, 2019

Battle Shell Michelangelo - Rise of the TMNT

Battle Shell Michelangelo from Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The Battle Shell is a classic Ninja Turtles gimmick. The character designs for the Rise turtles don't accommodate a ton of storage, but he's still fun. Check out the video below.

Thursday, March 21, 2019

GI Joe FSS 8.0 Bushido

Today we are looking at Bushido from the GI Joe Collectors Club FSS 8.0. We are running out of Figure Subscription Figures to take a look at, but here's a modern version of a wacky Ninja Force character.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Loot Crate DX Unboxing - Batman

Today's video is a Loot DX Unboxing! This Deluxe box is full of Batman & DC Comics goodies. So check out the video below to find out WHAT'S IN THE BOOOOOOXXXXXX!!!!

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Lego Ideas - The Flintstones

Last month at New York Toy Fair I got to see the new Lego Ideas Flintstones Lego Set. This set includes four mini figures, the Flintstones House, and the Flintstones Car. It's a really fun set. Check out my video review of the set below. Thanks to Lego for providing the sample used in this video.

Thursday, March 14, 2019

GI Joe FSS 8.0 Blizzard

Today we are looking at the GI Joe FSS 8.0 Blizzard figure. This modern update of the Arctic Attack soldier is one of the final figures to review from Figure Subscription Service 8.0. By the way, Action Figure Adventures videos are moving to Thursday as we try out something new on the YouTube channel.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

GI Joe Collectors Club FSS 8.0 - Recoil & Overkill

Sorry I've been bad at posting. I'm very excited for New York Toy Fair at the end of the week. Today's review is the GI Joe Collectors Club FSS 8.0 Recoil and Overkill. Both are decent figures. Check out the review below.

Friday, January 25, 2019

Mall Collectibles Show (Toy) Haul

Kevin is joined by Rose (aka Retro Screamer) to show off all the cool toys they picked up at the Mall Collectible Show. Rose picked up a lot of great retro toys and Kevin didn't do to bad either. The show was held at the Brunswick Square Mall in New Jersey.

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

GI Joe Collectors Club FSS 8.0 Fast Draw & Lt. Clay More

Time to review the GI Joe Collectors Club FSS 8.0 Fast Draw & Lt. Clay More. Here are the modern updates of two O-Ring GI Joe figures. Fast Draw was a late 80's character and Clay More was originally a Convention Exclusive figure.

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

GI Joe Collectors Club FSS 8.0 Bullet-Proof & Captain Grid-Iron

Today's video features the GI Joe Collectors Club FSS 8.0 figures Bullet-Proof & Captain Grid-Iron. Both are modern updates of 90's GI Joe action figures.

Happy New Year everybody! I hope 2019 treats everyone well. I know readership here is down, but I haven't put the effort into this blog like I used too. I haven't put the effort into SEO Toy Review the past six months that I once did. I'm not going to make a big resolution post here about how I'm going to try to hit a bunch of goals for the blog or channel, but I'd definitely like to get back to it a bit more.

So if you are interested in the GI Joe Collectors Club Figure Subscription Service figures check out the review below.