Saturday, September 22, 2012

Glo Worm & Glo Friends

Glo Worm (Glow Worm or Glo-Worm) was a popular Playskool product in  the early 80's. The original stuff animal / night light had a vinyl head like a cabbage patch kid and a stuffed body that contained a battery pack. This light up toy was so popular is spawned a cartoon and series of mini figures.

These smaller characters were called Glo Friends. They were made of glow in the dark plastic and each came with a little cloth sleeping bag.

My sister and I always enjoyed this franchise together, much like the Care Bears. I have very vivid memories of playing with these figures in our Grandparent's house in Connecticut. They moved to Florida when I was pretty young so I was really little then. 

One thing that was really cool about this line is that I was able to get the characters I actually wanted. With many toy lines I would be missing an important character from the cartoon and it would kind of drive me crazy trying to find that figure.  

I had Glo-Worm who was based on the original toy and was the main character. Glo-Grannybug was the wise older member of the group that took care of everyone. Glo-Bug was an adventures character who could fly.

Glo-Grannybug, Glo-Worm, & Glo-Bug

These figures are one piece with no articulation. They have a decent amount of paint apps, and their paint held up well over the years. The figures are hollow and so are fun to play with on your figures tips as a kid. I'm not sure where the other sleeping bags are, and which figure goes with which bag. I think I had also had a light green and a light pink sleeping bag.


  1. My sister had some of these i think.

  2. I had the glowbug and that was in a green sleeping bag - so cute!

    1. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a note. I love hearing from people.

  3. Even I had a collection of this as a kid.had tried to source this in market few years earlier and coudnt find it.any idea where we can get this now?

    1. Hello,
      Please check out this link -
      Hope it helps.