Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Star Wars & Super Powers - Winter Fever 3

I saved my favorite purchases from the Winter Fever Toy Show for my final post about the show. I previously showed off figures from other lines including Ghostbusters, Ninja Turtles, Captain Planet, Dino-Riders, and He-Man, but today I show off some new Star Wars and Super Power toys.

I'm extremely excited to finally complete my vintage Star Wars Beast collection. I've had Jabba since I was a kid. I bought the Rancor a few years back and last weekend I bought a Patrol Dewback and Hoth Wampa! The Dewback came with its saddle and a Stormtrooper rider. The Wampa is in pretty good shape, although just slightly yellowed on his torso. The yellowing on this monster is almost a given.

I've always liked the Super Powers line. They are great figures, I just never owned very many of them. Since a good friend of mine was collecting them locally, I never really wanted to give him competition. My good buddy John, from Clawful Punch, sent me two Super Powers about a week ago, and so when I saw a bunch at the show this weekend I decided, what the hell! I picked up Steppenwolf with his axe, Hal Jordan Green Lantern with his Lantern Battery, and Lex Luther in his power armor. I know Steppenwolf is one of the figures my friend Greg doesn't have. GL is a very interesting character to me, and I had Lex as a kid, but don't know what happened to him.


  1. Yup I would be proud to own those too. I remember back in the day Steppenwolf was a send off proof of purchase kind of figure. I ordered him back then.

  2. Awesome! I have GL minus his lantern and Lex but no Steppenwolf yet.

  3. Is that a vintage Storm Trooper?Lovin' the Superpowers line.I don't get out to any toy shows as I feel as If I haven't reached that stage in toy collecting yet.Although, I'm sure I would go nuts if I ever do decide to attend one.I have one Flea market type place nearby but their toy kiosks consist of contemporary knock offs,etc.Nothing vintage.Almost like what you'd find in china town.

    1. Yep, the vintage Stormtrooper came with it.