Friday, January 23, 2015

80's Ads (Toys and More)

Going through the files on an old hard drive I found some old ads I scanned to post on an old website I used to write for. I love these things. I hope you guys enjoy them. All of these were in some very old newspapers stored in the finishing room of the woodshop of the high school where work. I founds them during my first year as a teacher and brought them home to scan. I posted a few other ads a while back.

Hasbro Cops ('n' Crooks) Figures - Sundown, Barricade, Dr. Badvibes, and Big Boss.

Kenner Bone Age - I never had any of these dino skeletons as a kid.

 Children's Gift Slippers featuring Tonka, GI Joe, and Alf!

Power Wheels Battery-Operated Ride-Ons - Check out the GI Joe Tracker. It's a trike.

Moon Boots! Napoleon Dynamite eat your heart out.

Nintendo Entertainment System Action Set and Games

Mattel Hot Wheels Color Racers - I had this set of three color change cars.

Hasbro GI Joe Battle Force 2000 - I actually posted these two ads before, but since these scans were nicer I'm re-posting them.


  1. I never get tired of looking at ads like this.I know I had a couple of those Mattel color racers.

  2. There is a facebook page of toy ads I joined. They bring up some great shots of our youth!

  3. Nice ads !! Moon Boots !! What memories.

  4. Which stores are these ads from?