Sunday, August 3, 2014

Chief Powhatan - Disney's Pocahontas

In 1995 Burger King released a line of Kid's Meal toys based on Disney's Pocahontas. Here is Chief Powhata, Pocahontas' father. He stands around 4" tall and featured 4 points of articulation (neck, shoulders waist). I bought him years ago at a yard sale in case I needed a generic Native American figure for an animation project some day. Powhata originally came with a plastic animal pelt cape. The cape clips on over his shoulders.


  1. Im pretty fond of this entire set, I especially like the Grandmother Willow tree.

  2. As a kid I had Grandmother Willow and I assembled her with the face backwards so she just looked like a tree. I don't know what happened to her. Would be good for a background.

  3. I saw the movie...That's about it.