Monday, February 9, 2015

Batcopter - Corgi Jr.

Here is the die-cast Batcopter released by the British company Corgi Jr. in 1978. I have previously posted about several other Corgi toy cars including the Batmobile. All these little matchbox sized cars were given to me by an older kid up the street who had outgrown them. They were well used when I got them, but I always treated them well. I was really into Super Heroes and tried to keep these from getting any more scratched up.

The main body of the Batcopter is die-cast metal painted black. The rotor blades, interior and skids are made from a reddish/orange plastic. The tail rotor is missing it's blades and the main body is missing a sticker with a red Batsymbol and the word 'Batman'.

I always thought it was really cool that the main rotor blades were shaped like long and skinny bat wings.

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