Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Dino-Riders Stegosaurus

The Dino-Riders Stegosaurus is one of the largest and coolest dinosaur toys I've ever owned. There were many cool toy lines from my childhood that I only ever owned a few figures from. While others I was obsessed with and had almost everything. Dino-Riders were really cool, but a line I only had a few toys from. My best friend growing up, Derek, got a duplicate of the Stego one year for his birthday and instead of exchanging it he gave me the 2nd one. It blow me away... it was a concept I couldn't wrap my young brain around. Giving away this awesome toy instead of exchanging it for another awesome toy. Derek happened to have almost all the Dino-Riders including all the big ones with the electronic walking features.

The Stegosaurus is so incredibly well detailed. Just look at the awesome skin texture. Combined with his cool Motorized Walking Action this dino was ready for riding. He's at least twice, if not three times bigger than any of the other Dino-Rider toys I owned. He also came with two figures (Tark & Vega). Both of which are missing along with my MASK figures ever since I moved. It's been 5 years... I've given up hope of finding them in a box somewhere.

Here is the Stegosaurus' bio card that my mom clipped of his package for me back in the day.

Check out the Stego all armored up and ready for battle. He comes with a large silver piece of armor that fits over his plates. Attached to the armor are some guns, missiles, and pods for the riders.

He also came with blue back leg guard plus an additional spike piece for his tail. Unfortunately the years in storage since my childhood haven't been to kind to Mr. Stego's accessories. Some of the tabs and pins on Dino-Riders toys were very small. One of the red missiles and one of the gray and red quad guns have broken tabs.

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