Monday, February 16, 2015

Cobra Stun Box Art - GI Joe

Today we are taking a look at the amazing box art for the original Cobra Stun. A while back I posted that a good friend of mine game me a huge collection of boxes from his childhood toys. Some of these boxes were in amazing shape and others had gotten damp and damaged over the years in storage.

This is the a photo of the box art that actually appears on the side panel of the box. I just love how they show this thing decked out with Cobra personel. Motor-Viper (the included figure) if pictured in the driver's seat. At the same time Dr. Mindbender and a Crimson Guard are manning the main cannons. In the back of the vehicle you can see Tele-Viper guarding the rear. The Stun was one of the few vehicles in the line that would have this type of rear-facing defense. I also like how accurately they represent the toy in the art work. Notice the foot pegs are there on the rear fenders.

 Here is the actual box. You can see it got damp and stuck to another package. I cut off the side flaps that were undamaged and saved them. I'm considering getting a collage picture frame to display the smaller box art that I salvaged off some of the really messed up boxes.

Here  is a close up of one of the smaller images on the back of the box that show off that you can place 11 figures on the Stun. I don't know how the guys on the fenders would stay on in real life, but I did push this thing around my basement many times with it all loaded up like this.

The last photo here shows off the back of the package. You can see this side features a photo of the vehicles and has all it's parts labled. The file card has been clipped form the box and some of the side flaps are stuck down.

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