Thursday, May 29, 2014

200x Battle Cat - MOTUC

Clearly I'm a big Masters of the Universe fan. I really enjoyed the 200x cartoon, it's got great stories and stellar animation. The 200x toy line is cool, but I wish the y had a little more articuation. I love when Mattel puts out 200x characters for the Masters Classics line. With the recent release of Battle Lion, fans can finally create a 200x Battle Cat. This is the standard classics Battle Cat wearing Battle Lion's armor.

Riding on Battle Cat is my home-made 200x He-Man. I keep hoping Mattel will release a 200x style head, with longer spiky hair. He is made of a He-Man head with a King Grayskull body. He is armed with a King Grayskull chest harness, He-Man's shield and ax, and the Techno-Power sword that came with Man-at-Arms.

If I ever get a spare 200x He-Man shield I might give it to this figure. The classics shield and ax doen't really match the Techno-Power Sword.