Friday, May 9, 2014

Blade - MOTUC

The Four Horseman keep knocking the sculpts for the Masters of the Universe Classics figures out of the park. Blade, a villain created for the 80's live action film has been translated into an amazing figure.

 This guy's armor is cover in little details, like the links of chain that make up his armor. He comes with three accessories, a "movie" sword, a "vintage style" sword,and a laser whip.

 This guy is loaded with details and may be one of the coolest looking figures from this year
s subscription. The 2014 sub has been insane.

I really like his head sculpt. He's so menacing.


  1. He reminds me in the face of the GI Joe Extreme villain firebug.

  2. I got one in the mail last week. awesome figure

  3. Awesome figure. And the film is not as bad as most say.