Sunday, May 4, 2014

Warrior Claw Wolverine

I recently stopped by Five Below on the hunt for cheap GI Joes. While there I was checking out all the Marvel figures, and ended up picking up a few. Warrior Claw Wolverine is a great representation of Wolverine's 90's blue & yellow costume.

Wolverine comes with a blue clip-on "slash trail" accessory. He also features five points of articulation.

I had to look them over carefully to find one with nice paint apps. All the figures at the store has warped claws. I think it's the way they were put in their package. Even though Wolverine has swivels at his hips, he can't really sit down. His legs don't quite move enough to allow him to sit.


  1. I think 5 points is here to stay!

  2. He looks good Buzz.I like the Silver Samurai figure from this line.