Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Iron Man - Mark V

The Suitcase Armor was probably my favorite part of Iron Man 2. It just seemed like a really cool way for Tony to transport his armor without wearing it. Iron Man came with a semi-open hand and a fist for his left hand.

Mark V Iron Man even came with a suitcase version of the armor. Now I need a Tony Stark figure. I just recently picked this figure up at Five Below.


  1. Five below is the Shizz!Lots of cool figs among other things.

  2. I gotta get my arse there. Except one is not to be found in lower Texas...

  3. i have a silver one, the suitcase armed with projectile missiles! That was a good idea, the armored suitcase- loved how he whipped it out on the race track in Iron Man 2!

  4. I think this one is cool too