Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Robin - DC Universe Classics

A while back, when DCUC was still a toy line, I bought every figure from the one wave so I could build the Collect & Connect Bane figure. One of the figures from that wave was this classic looking Robin. He's wearing his red tunic with yellow cape. He's even got his little green elf boots.

Robin came with both a Baterang and a grappling hook gun. I have his accessories stored somewhere else, so when I was photographing him they weren't handy. There was also a variant version that came with a different head. The other head looks more like how Robin appeared in the early years of the comic. He had the two pieces of hair hanging down on each side instead of part on the one side.


  1. I never did find this one. Stupid Mattel! I would have loved to build Bane!

  2. Oh yeah- loved this one! Another great DCUC!

  3. Classic Robin! The one i grew up with and love the most.