Saturday, May 3, 2014

Flea Market Finds #23

Today I got up to go the the bank and then hit up my local comic book store for Free Comic Book Day. After that I started driving around hitting up yard sales. There were quite a few today. I hit a few but I didn't buy anythingt, but then I hit a couple I was very glad I stopped at.

I have been a huge fan of the Max Rebo Band since I was a kid. I loved them in the movie and was so happy to find out there were toys of these cool aliens. I was born in '82 so I was behind the times and my entire childhood Star Wars collection came from yard sales. I've bought several sets over the years. Slowly upgrading from three plain figures to a band with an organ, later buying another set to get the flute. I bought this set today because they have their two microphones. My buddy Derek and I featured the band in the 7th episode of Action Figure Adventures the series.

Kind of like the band, I buy any cheap vintage Star Wars figures I find. I bring them home to see if they are in better shape than the figures in my collection. I used to make custom figures using a lot of them. Lately I've been shipping the duplicates of to fellow bloggers looking for some classic figures. The little R2-D2 is an eraser. I'm not sure if he's official or a knock off. The guy threw him in for me since I bought a bunch of stuff.

I'm a sucker for Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers. I picked up this large Red Ranger today. He's got some paint wear on his chest and a little yellowing on his foot, but I'm adding him to my Ranger shelf.

I never owned any Sectaurs as a kid, but I was very aware of them. We rarely got toys at the store except for Christmas or Birthdays. So as a kid if I wanted a big GI Joe collection I had to really focus on that line when making wish lists. So many cool 80's lines never made it into my collection. Now I pick them up cheap at yard sales. I think this guy is a bad guy. I was impressed that he still has his harness, sword, and gun. It looks like the wings on his little bug buddy are broken, but they still flap.

I snagged this Transformers card game. It looks like everything is there including the instructions. The card art features the first wave heroes and villains as well as the Dionbots and Insecticons.

I grabbed the horse from Toy Story 2. He is articulated at the legs and head. I'm going to take him into school and add him to the box of toys the kids can us when they do their stop motion animation videos in middle school Technology Education or after school photo club.

I'm real happy with my haul. I spent $16 today. It works out to around $1.50 an item.


  1. Nice haul, I used to have a good few of these as a kid, a couple of the Star Wars figures and the Sectaur warrior, though his name escapes me right now. Love me some yard sale value.

  2. That Sectaurs warrior is Commander Waspax!He was the first Sectaur I ever bought as a kid.After him I bought Skito and then a couple others.So cool man!

    1. Thank for posting his name. I looked him up then. Too bad the wings are busted off his littlw buddy. He's a nice figure though.

  3. I'm always a fan of Max Rebo, but that Sectaurs Waspax is a really nice find. I'm really glad he's got his accessories, too!

  4. Awesome scores Kevin congrats!

  5. Wow! Fantastic stuff. I was out of SW when Jedi came out but still great stuff here!

  6. Great finds! Can't wait for yard sales to start here too!