Thursday, May 22, 2014

Hordak - Vintage MOTU

Hordak was the coolest villain to be introduced into Masters of the Universe after the release of the original 8 figures. He was the leader of an all new team of bad guys. The Evil Horde was made up of the craziest and most monstrous action figures released in the 1980's.

Suited up in black boney armor with a crimson red bat logo and armed with a crossbow, Hordak is a bad-ass. He looks even cooler with his vinyl cape. Unfortunately mine is missing that piece. You can see that the cape attaches to small slits in the back of his armor.

A slightly different version of Hordak was featured as the main villain in the She-Ra cartoon. This is where Hordak really got to shine. In the show he had a very distinct voice and the ability to change his form.


  1. I didn't know Hordak was on MOTU. I thought he was exclusively SheRA...

    1. The Evil Horde was created as a new villain for the He-Man toy line. At the same time they were ending the He-Man show and starting She-Ra. There weren't really any bad guys in the She-Ra toy line, so to help sell the new bag guys they became the bad guys in the She-Ra cartoon.

  2. One of my favorite figures from the line!Grey and Red, I love that color scheme ;)