Thursday, May 1, 2014

Cross Country - GI Joe Collector's Club

The 2014 GI Joe Collector's Club Exclusive figure is Cross Country. Based on the classic GI Joe vehicle driver, this new figure is a great update of the character. Cross Country has his iconic Civil War hat and Confederate flag belt buckle.  He is wearing a green vest and gray pants. All his paint apps are very clean and nice. His new head sculpt by Boss Fight Studios is very nice.

Cross Country came with a file card, figure stand, rifle, pistol, and a wrench. Considering the vintage figure came with no accessories, these are a nice selection of weapons. I really like the wrench. I think it would have been really funny if he came with a tape deck accessory to be installed in the HAVOC.

Okay, Duke. I've got to lube up some grease fittings and then we'll be ready to roll. Yo Joe!


  1. I want to see him driving some sort of custom WW2 Tank ala the Haunted Tank series from DC Comics that would be kind of cool to see.

  2. They did a supremely good Job updating him.

  3. Love It!I used to have the 80's version but ended up using him for parts.