Saturday, May 17, 2014

Birthday Bash

Well, I just got home from a 9 year old's dream party but it was for four adults in their thirties and forties. A big group of fellow toy collectors and convention goers got together becuase four of us have Birthday's in May. We went to Arnold's Family Fun Center, which is right next to the Greater Philly Expo Center where Retro Con is held. The party was Kowl themed and we had cake, presents, and go-kart races!

I'll be posting more about the party soon. It's late and I'd like to go to the flea market in the morning.


  1. I have some how went my entire life without ever having my hands on one of those guys,I love the character I just have never ran into one in the wild.

    1. I never had a Kowl figure until he came out for MOTU Classics. By the end of the party there were even more Kowls. Three were given as gifts at the party.

  2. Happy B Day buddy!Mine is on the 20th lol ;)

  3. Happy Birthday Kev! And i can not wait to see all the pictures from the party.

  4. Did you get a pic of the Kowl cake?? If not I am sure one of us have a great picture of it.