Monday, January 16, 2012

What is Action Figure Adventures?

What is Action Figure Adventures all about? Well the name comes from a stop motion animated video project a friend and I worked on in college. It's basically Toy Story with 80's and 90's toys set in a college dorm room. This video project is 8 or 9 years old and has not been "released" yet, because it is still in editing. There are dozens of reasons for the time frame of the project, but I'm hopeful it will eventually be finished.

Action Figure Adventures (AFA) is not the first Stop Motion project that I have been involved with. The same group of people did another series called Animation Creation. I refer to this series as an animated variety show. Basically my buddies and I had made a series of animations for fun that ranged from music videos to random moving objects, to complete stories featuring action figures. We created "episodes" by mixing the different animations together and making little commentary parts at the end to explain how or why the animations were made. Animation Creation was Robot Chicken before Robot Chicken with a little less Twister Toy Theater.

I've always been a huge toy fan and have a large collection of various toys. The bulk of my collection is 3 3/4" GIJoes and Star Wars figures. I have various odds and ends from other toy lines and have recently gotten into the Masters of the Universe Classics (MOTUC) toy line.

My plan for this blog is to write (and maybe video blog) about Toys and other merchandise that ties into them. So, there may be some comic or cartoon material on here. Because of my interest in animation I love cartoons and collect animation cels.  I would also like to post my animations and eventually the Action Figure Adventures show.

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