Friday, November 28, 2014

Happy Black Friday!

I had fun ringing in Black Friday at Midnight by hanging out in Toys R Us. I picked up a few toys for myself and part of my niece's present. I also stopped by Target for some cheap DVDs. I always buy a lot of movies on Black Friday. I know BF can be hecktic, but I love it. I've never really had a bad time waiting in line. Usually people are so happy to be Christmas shopping and getting good deals that they are in good spirits. I know that there are occasional riots and trampling on the news, I've just never seen the dark side of Black Friday in person.

I'll leave you guys with my SEO Toy Review of Tiger Claw from the Nick Turtles line.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thansgiving!

Hope everyone has a fun, filling, and safe holiday. I just wanted to post a few pictures of the Macy's Day Parade. The Red Mighty Morphin' Power Ranger was featured this year as part of the publicity push for the upcoming MMPR Movie. Spider-Man was there to promote his cartoon. There were some other cool floats including the Ninja Turtles.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Kane from Alien - ReAction Figure

Today I'm highlighting another ReAction Figure I picked up at the big FYE Grand Re-Opening over the Summer. This figure was originally sculpted back when the movie came out, but was never released. The amount of sculpted on detail is incredible for the era in which this toy was created.

Kane is dressed in the space suit he wears to check out the strange ship the Nostromo received distress signals from. His suit is complete with a removable helmet with see-through visor. This is another impressive feature of this figure.

Kane is one of my favorite ReAction figures released so far. I would have had so much fun playing with this guy as a kid. He would have probably been a Rebel Pilot in my Star Wars universe.

Oh no Kane! It looks like you found a 90's Kenner Aliens Face Hugger!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

TMNT Thanksgiving - SEO Toy Special

I filmed another Super Exciting Outrageous Toy Review Holiday Special. In this episode we see how the Ninja Turtles spend Thanksgiving. I know these SEO videos are aimed at a much younger audience than my usual blog reader, but I'm having fun making them.

Monday, November 24, 2014

November Nerd Block

Now I remember why I dropped my subscription to Nerd Block before. I'm getting a box of random stuff I don't really want each month. It's all fun nerdy stuff, but down the road it's really all just yard sale fodder. I enjoyed October's Block, but November didn't impress me that much.

Friday, November 21, 2014

More of my NJCC Haul

I posted about all the carded and loose GI Joe Marines I bought at NJCC, but there was also a lot of other this to be found. I picked up several GI Joe file cards. My mom meticulously cut out about a hundred of these things during my childhood. I love tracking down ones I need as shows. I picked up Ice-Viper, Steeler, Clutch, Scarlett, Cobra Trooper, and the Cobra Officer.

I've been collecting a lot of odd bits of memorabilia lately. Thses Birthday Candles seemed too unique to pass up. A friend of mine had these (or similar) at his party. Leo, Donny, Raph, Micky, and the Shredder.

Oh Hasbro, you silly goose. The GI Joe Motorized Action packs. I had this Helicopter pack as a kid. My cousin got this toy back in the day and  traded it to me somehow. I don't really remember how I came to own the Helicopter pack as a kid, but I'm out now for the rest of the day. Just an interesting display piece.

The last item for this post (still more NJCC stuff to come) is a super cool TMNT digital watch. I has this exact watch as a kid. I can remember running around the school yard talking into my wrist watch as if it was a communicator.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Giant He-Man from MattyCollector

Giant He-Man is currently available from MattyCollector. His jumbo figure really takes you back to the 80's. He's not an perfect recreation of the vintage figure, bu he's a pretty cool toy.

His head sculpt has cause quite a bit of conroversy among fans. This is the main difference between the Giant figure and the vintage figure. It's not a bad face, but just not the one we all grew up with.

Here you can see the size difference  between the original and current figure. I also wanted to show off the giant power sword. I'm pretty happy with my purchase, I can't wait to check out Giant Skeletor.

Check out my review below.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Blades the Copter-Bot - Transformers Rescue Bots

I got together with a bunch of my friends from SEO Toy Review to shoot some more Super Exciting Outrageous videos. Today's review is of Blades the Copter-Bot. He's from the Transformers Rescue Bot line. He's pretty basic, but of course aimed at young kids. Let me know what you think of these videos.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Monsters in My Pocket Super Scary Packaging

Monsters in My Pocket were some cherished playthings from my childhood. I worked hard to collect all of Series 1, Series2, and the Super Scary monsters. Later I would found out that the Super scary were technically Series 4 and that Series 3 was not widely released. Over the Summer by buddy Derek, who actually introduced me to MIMP game me a a collection of toy packaging from his childhood. I this pile of boxes was one item of MIMP history. This is ae Super Scary secret 6 box. The window would display the 100 point monster in the pack and the other five figures were blind boxed (before that was a term). I always liked the haunted house art work on the box..

The back of the package explained that the Super Scary Monsters in my Pocket figures were slightly larger and decorated compaired to the earlier figures. It doesn't mention what series number the Super Scary figures were. There is also information on the fan club and some of the other MIMP products.

The one product that was teased but never released was the Haunted House Playset. I wanted this thing so bad. I'd love to see photos of the prototype if it ever got that far. I'd love to know what Matchbox was planning for our little rubber monsters.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Photos from NJCC

I posted a few photos of my purchases from New Jersey Collector's Con, but I also have a few photos I took at the show. The first photo I wanted to share is of a Terrordrome and Defiant Space Shuttle. The vendor also had a USS Flagg sitting right next to the shuttle, but I didn't get of photo of it. It's funny that i was so excited, since I own all three, but to see the three Holy Grails in a row was kind of mind blowing.

The vendor who had the amazing GI Joe items also had a box to the Aircraft Carrier and a box to the Shuttle. I had never seen the box to the Space Complex in person before. It is huge. The Flagg's box is big in two directions, but isn't very deep. The Defiant's box is like an huge cube.

This photo is the 2nd most insane thing I saw at NJCC. I could not belive that anyone had this many Master Piece Grimlock and Soundwave figures. These figures are crazy expensive and pretty hard to find.

I don't really know if they moved many of them,  but I saw a lot of people looking at them. I have Soundwave, but not Grimlock. I'm not really a big Transformer Collector, but those figures are incredible.

The funniest thing was that in addition to all the Master Piece Transformers the guy had a bunch of Frozen Dolls.

The last three photos I have are of the awesome custom figures that were on display at the show.

Previously I posted about the Two Bad (Masters of the Universe) themed Ewok figure.

In addition now they had an Ewok figure based on the two-headed monster from Sesame Street. I wonder if he made a mold after he combined the initial two Ewoks.

Otherwise I can't imagine cutting four figures apart and sculpting over the seems twice.

I really loved this Trap Jaw (Masters of the Universe) themed Stimpy figure. I just think he's super cool.

I do belive I previously posted about the little Buddha Hordak figures. Nto only is Kevin Watts great at sculpting, but his painting is superb.

I don't know how he made that bird skeleton, but that this is incredible. I wonder if it has any articulation.

The last photo I have to share is a cool Oscar the Grouch / R2-D2 Mash-Up. I looks like he made a mold off the vintage R2 and an Oscar PVC figure.

I just think it looks great. I like that he had a blank slate as well as a fully painted sample of this figure.

As usually I had fun hanging out with my buddy Nick and Meeting up with other collector friends. Kevin B. and Mike B. to name a few.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Mega Bloks Cars packed in Cereal

I was in the grocery store a week or so ago and couldn't believe that there was a prize packaged in a box of cereal. So I picked up three boxes of Honey Nut Cheerios. I ended up getting one black car and two of the white car. Each car is packaged with a sheet of stickers that allows you to decorate them as either Power Rangers Super Mega Force cars or Hello Kitty Cars.

Each of the Mega Bloks cars are made up of three pieces that can be mixed and matched. These pieces can also be combined with any other compatible building blocks you may own.

For more details check out my review below.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Wave 5 Kre-O GI Joe figures

I recently bought 5 Kre-O blind bag packs from the new wave 5 GI Joe series.  Several 1986 figures were included in this wave, and despite '85 being considered the greatest year of the vintage joe line, '86 was the year I really started collecting.

Check out a my video review of these figures.

Monday, November 10, 2014

NJCC = Marine Corps. Birthday present for me

Happy Birthday to the Marine Corps. I've known a lot of Marines over the years including my Grandfather, several co-workers from a couple different jobs, and even one of my former students is currently in the Marines. Thanks for your service to all the Marines out there. I'm gearing up to support your annual Toys for Tots Drive.

Sunday was the third New Jersey Collector's Con of the 2014. I ended up buying a ton of Marine action figures. I didn't set out to do that, they just fell into my lap.I walked by the GI Joe figure case pictured to the right several times without paying much attention to it. Then later my friend Nick was looking at it and I walked over and asked him what he was looking at. Nick showed me there was some impressive stuff inside and told me what the guy was asking for the lot. I couldn't leave it there.

 Gung Ho v2 (Marine Blue Dress) on a beautiful card from 1987. I don't have a ton of carded GI Joes, but I do enjoy looking at the card art.

This figure is one of the least action oriented figure in the 3 3/4" scale line. What do you use this figure for? Parading around the grounds outside GI Joe HQ?

He's a great representation of the official uniform. I still remember my Grandfather telling me that you had to buy your own sword and that's why he didn't have one.

I didn't have this Gung Ho as a kid, but he must have stuck out like a sore thumb in many back yard adventures.

I picked up two carded samples of the Gung Ho v3 from 1992 as well a one Gung Ho v4 from 1993. Both of versions of Gung Ho use the same mold. They have different paint schemes and different accessories. I always hated the fact that Gung Ho's tattoo became much smaller on this figure than the original.

The case also included a carded Gung Ho v5 from 1993. This is Gung Ho as the leader of the Mega Marines. I remember seeing these guys hanging on pegs after I was kind of done with toys as a kid. I used to hang out in the toy isles while my Mom shopped at stores long after I was actually still buying new toys to play with. The play-dough armor was an interesting idea.

Hasbro was really trying hard at this point to compete with Ninja Turtles. It resulted in bright colors and wacky features even though some of the figures had great sculpts.

I saved the best for last, but I also got a carded copy of my favorite GI Joe Jarhead, Leatherneck. I love the 1986 line of GI Joes.

The 2nd season of the cartoon show really cemented these characters in my heart. Leatherneck, Wetsuit, Beach Head, and Sgt. Slaughter were some of my favorites as a kid.

The card art for Leatherneck v1 is based on Ron Rudat who designed many of the GI Joe characters and vehicles.  It's funny that Leatherneck has Ron's face and Dusty has Ron's file name.

The  case also contained four loose figures. Again all these figures were Marines. Gung Ho v1, Sgt. Slaughter v1 and v4 and Leatherneck v2. All four are in great shape, but without accessories. I almost have to assume the person that owned these before me was a Marine. One interesting thing to note is that Mainframe is also a member of the Marine Corps but his action figure doesn't scream Marine like the other do.

Friday, November 7, 2014

S.L.U.G. Zombies

Quick update today. I forgot to show off these guys during October... oh well. Here are a few Zombies. These guys are like MUSCLE Men and Monsters in my Pocket rolled into one. The weight lifter guys is by far my favorite figure from the line. The other two guys look like thy are based on Coronal Sanders and Bruce Lee

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Spiral Zone Toys

Spiral Zone as I remember it was the crazy cartoon where a specialized military unit fought a diseased mad scientist with elaborate vehicles that provided no protection to the riders and seemed like they should fall over if shot at. I watched it some in the late 80's but only really remember the first episode because a friend of mine downloaded it in the early 2000's and we watched it again. The show was made in Japan and seemed pretty high quality. It was very detailed and just slightly anime looking. I think I knew there were toys, but I don't really remember seeing the figures in stores. Maybe I saw ads on TV.

In with a bunch of Cops 'n' Crooks figure I bought at Retro Con I found a couple pieces of Spiral Zone toys. The figure in the red uniform is the Overlord, leader of the bad guys.  The blue one wheeled vehicle is called the Zone Rider Cycle which was used by all the good guys except for the leader who had his own vehicle. Overlord is missing some of his accessories including his helmet and small gun. Unfortunately his left had is also broken off and missing. The Cycle is also missing many pieces.  In the lot I also got one boot for a hero figure.

If there are any die-hard Spiral Zone collectors out there, let me know. If somebody can use these toys to help complete their own figures let me know. Otherwise I don't know what to do with these toys.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Flea Market finds #33

I got to go to a couple yard sales in the rain on Saturday. Then I followed that up with a cold and windy morning at the flea market on Sunday. I didn't really find a whole lot. It was still fun getting out of the house and hanging out with my flea marketing buddies who I haven't sent much time with this past month due to the hayride.

I spent $3 to buy these three Star Wars figures. I'm a big fan of army builders. The cold weather over the weekend also got me thinking about snow photos again, so I couldn't pass up a Hoth Trooper. I also picked up a Battle Droid. I think this is an Episode 1 figure. I can always use more solders for the droid army. Last but not least is Mara Jade. She's an older figure (5 PoA) of this Expanded Universe (Legendary) character. Her arms seem a bit long. The only other Mara figure I have is a slightly better articulaed figure that came in a comic 2-pack a little while back,

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

October Nerd Block - Kevin Smith's Picks

Nerd Block! I got the first three Nerd Blocks, but then dropped the service that sends you a box of nerdy stuff every month. October's products were picked by film director, Kevin Smith. So I signed up again.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Giant Skeletor and 30th Super Powers

The Hayride is finally over, so now maybe I'll have a little free time to post a little more. He's a quick video showing off my Matty Collector purchases during October. Mainly the rest of the 30th Anniversary Super Powers figures and Giant Skeletor.