Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Flea Market finds #33

I got to go to a couple yard sales in the rain on Saturday. Then I followed that up with a cold and windy morning at the flea market on Sunday. I didn't really find a whole lot. It was still fun getting out of the house and hanging out with my flea marketing buddies who I haven't sent much time with this past month due to the hayride.

I spent $3 to buy these three Star Wars figures. I'm a big fan of army builders. The cold weather over the weekend also got me thinking about snow photos again, so I couldn't pass up a Hoth Trooper. I also picked up a Battle Droid. I think this is an Episode 1 figure. I can always use more solders for the droid army. Last but not least is Mara Jade. She's an older figure (5 PoA) of this Expanded Universe (Legendary) character. Her arms seem a bit long. The only other Mara figure I have is a slightly better articulaed figure that came in a comic 2-pack a little while back,


  1. Great pickups! If I found snow guys in the wild like that I would buy them too.

  2. I just saw a 3 3/4 black series Mara Jade at Wal Mart the other day Kev.She looked pretty cool but I know nothing about her so I passed :(