Friday, May 30, 2014

Crystal Dragon & Lava Dragon - Crystar

The Saga of Crystar was a short lived Marvel Comic that was supported by a toy line that was actually released before the comic book. The Saga pits an army of Crystal Warriors against an army of Lava Men. Last year sometime I picked up two really cool pieces of the toy line on ebay. Toy author Mark Bellomo was selling some duplicates from his collection and I bid on a bunch of items.

The Crystal Dragon is molded in translucent blue plastic. The Dragon originally had large blue wings, but mine is incomplete. The Crystal Dragon also came with a warrior. The Crystal Warrior is molded in a more green plastic. He's armed with a sword. The set also came with two hook (one pictured) and some string to make the dragon fly. The set also included one of the prism staffs that all the Crystar figures came with.

The Lava Dragon is not quite as cool as the Crystal Dragon. This Dragon is molded in a solid orange plastic with the painted shading. The Lava Dragon did not come with wing. Interestingly enough the Lava Dragon has six legs.

The Lava Dragon came a Lava Warrior who is molded in solid yellow plastic and is armed with a red whip. I believe the Lava set also included a prism staff. I think this pair looks awesome displayed riding into combat.


  1. These are something that I very much regret getting rid of. The local toy scalper still has my Crystal castle sitting in his abysmal shop, So if you ever find yourself in NC I can point you in the direction of more of this line.

  2. Used to have all the figures from this line when they originally were released but never the dragons or there riders so it's cool to see them here.

  3. I'd love to add a Crystar figure to my collection.I've got a cool story about my first encounter with a Crystar figure.Those dragons look great though.

    1. Yeah, I've been picking them up here and there. Never complete.

  4. I never had any of this line. For some reason I just never got into certain lines.

  5. I had a very narrow collection as a kid. None of these guys.

  6. I wish I had held on to the few Crystar figures I had but I got rid of them while still a kid. Such a wonderful line!