Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Singapore Disguised Elizabeth Swann

Today's post is about Keira Knightly's character Elizabeth Swann from the 3rd Pirates of the Caribbean movie series. Elizabeth is the only action figure I bought from any of the PotC films. I bought her mostly for two reasons. She's a decent generic female to use in stop motion animations, and she has cool accessories. Elizabeth is dressed an all green tunic and has her hair pulled back in a pony tail. She comes with a removable holster that can hold her two pistols on her back.

In order to hide her pistols and disguise herself while sneaking around Singapore, Elizabeth also comes with a removable robe and straw hat. I really liked the Chinese straw hat, and that is something that attracted me to the figure. I always liked the "heroes in disguise" figures like Princess Leia in Boussh armor or Luke Skywalker in Stormtrooper armor. Even the GI Joe Spytroops were a neat idea even if they weren't executed that well.


  1. A post is coming about said Pirates but here is ANOTHER one I had no idea existed. Thank you. I will keep an eye out for it at Swap Meet.

  2. I picked up two Potc figs,Captain Jack and Blackbeard.I almost picked up that pirate ship that went on sale for like 30 bucks.I should look for more of these figs at retail before they up and disapear.

    1. I picked up some PotC on clearance for toys for tots last year.