Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Mr. Wu - Men In Black III

Here we have Mr. Wu from Men in Black III. I still have not seen the film so I don't know much about this alien character. I picked up this figure a while back when all the MIB3 figures were on clearance just because he looked interesting.

He is a human torso on a slug like body. He is wearing a shirt decorated very nicely with a Chinese dragon.  He has a wonderful face sculpt that includes little antenna. Mr. Wu came with a butcher's knife accessory.

The Asian Alien also came with a weird spherical device that looks like a ring a kid could wear. It has handles on one side and fits around his waist.

The ring also opens up to reveal a device within. Just like the character, I don't know what role the device plays in the film.


  1. I saw the first one but none of the others. Too weird for me.

  2. Never saw the 3rd one either Kevin.

  3. Some of that movie derived from real life occurrences. In a small town where strange phenomenon was prevalent, men in black suits began showing up and questioning the towns people.Cool stuff.