Sunday, May 18, 2014

Flea Market Finds #25

Even after being out late last night for the big Kowl Birthday Party, I set my alarm and got up early to hit up a flea market before heading to the farm to work on stuff for the hay ride. (I work at Haunted Hayride in the Fall, but we start setting up and building new stuff in the Spring) I ran into fellow Kowl Birthday boy Mike at the flea market. I got some pretty good stuff today.

First up, I bought a baggie of random stuff. I could see there few a few figures inside as well as several Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles weapons. I was excited for the BTAS Joker in a trench coat figure, but it turns out his hat was really busted, so he's not staying in my collection.I'm going to have to go though the lot carefully to see what I need. There was a piece to the Triple T Tank from GI Joe and a Battle Beast weapon in there.

The bets are placed and the fans are cheering as Linus and Charlie Brown get ready for an epic knife fight. Who will win?

I picked up a Star Wars Clone Wars Jedi Starfighter. It's missing some missiles, but it displays okay. I'm not sure if this is going into my collection or if I'll let little kids play with it when they come over. I asked how much it was and it was being sold by a little kid. It took me back to my days as a kid, selling toys at yard sales to buy other toys. So I gave the kid the money.

The fighter splits into two different vehicles. One piloted by the Jedi and the other by a Astromech droid. I'm not sure if this is a generic Jedi fighter, or if it belonged to a specific Jedi in the CGI cartoon.

I picked up a bunch of loose Star Wars figures. Biggs as a Tie Pilot, Sprint of Hayden Christensen, Jawa, Female Imperial Officer, Klaatu, and Hoth Luke. I was happy to find this Luke, if you've been reading Action Figure Adventures for a while you may remember I lost his scarf outside one winter while taking photos.

This last group of figures is a random collection. I have no idea who the little dude in the suit is, but I like generic characters for animation purposes. Next up is a figure that looks to me like Flipshot from the New Adventures of He-Man.He's actually the Cryo-Claw Tech from the Demolition Man movie toy line, which shared parts form He-Man. In the middle is Nomad from the Rambo Cartoon toy line. Even though I've never watched Power Rangers Jungle Fury, I always liked their uniforms. So I picked up the Yellow Ranger. Finally is is a repaint of the GI Joe 25th Anniversary AVAC, Firebat Pilot.

I spent $18.25 for this weekends finds. I would love to find s bag of accessories like the one at the top of this post that contained GI Joe weapons or parts from another line that I collect more heavily than Ninja Turtles. Oh well, I'll take what I can get.


  1. Terrific! But you are right. Nothing earth shattering. Too bad about El Guason.

  2. Love random bags of goodies like that Kevin because there can be some treasure found within them for sure.

  3. Pretty neat stuff, I do love the yellow ranger.The guy in the suit looks very familiar..almost looks like Harvey Dent from the Dark Knight movie.

    1. I believe it's actually Bruce Wayne.

    2. hmm,,, I didn't even think about that he might be a DC figure.