Monday, January 7, 2013

Flintstones Car (Flintmobile) - Hot Wheels

The Flintmobile was a mail away promotion in the mid-1990's. This unique Hot Wheels car was available through Pebbles Cereal. For about 30 years all the Middle School kids at the school I work at made wooden Flintstones Cars in wood shop. I had the kids make them my first year there, but then changed the project to something a little more mature and useful. From time to time we still crank out a Flintstones Car or two. Usually it's because a kids older sibling made one or we sometimes make a few for our holiday toy drive. When I saw this car at a yard sale I had to get it.


  1. What a cool looking Hot Wheel wish they did one for Hong Kong Fooey or Speed Buggy.

  2. how much is this worth still in the box un opened

    1. I'm not really sure. There was one for sale in store recently on a blister card. I'm not even sure how this mail order car was packaged originally.

  3. Packaged on a blister card that was slightly larger than a usual HW package