Saturday, January 12, 2013

More Retro Stickers

Right after Christmas I posted some stickers from my childhood sticker collection. Well, that wasn't all of them. Today I am focusing on stickers from two distinct 80's toy properties. Pretty much all of these stickers are stuck in my Sticker Book.  I don't think I have all the stickers from either sheet, but it looks like I have most of the stickers from a set of puffy Voltron stickers and a set of Crystar: Crystal Warrior stickers.

Here we have Voltron's head along side Crystar's sword and shield.

Here we have an unstuck full body image of Voltron with sword and 
a head shot of Pidge in my alien sticker book.

Voltron: Defender of the Universe logo sticker

Next up, a full body Hunk in pilot uniform and a casual head shot sticker of Hunk as well.

 These Crystar stickers are badly damaged. I can't remember the circumstances, but I do remember having them stuck on something and regretting that they weren't in my sticker book so I could keep them forever. (I've been a die hard collector of action figure based pop culture since a young age) So I peeled them off and as they came off, white "stretch marks" appeared on the stickers. Unfortunately I really messed them up. They were the only stickers I ever had this happen to as a kid. Some times stickers would rip or loose their stickiness if you tried to move them, but I never had other stickers develop these lines.

The characters from Crystar were created by Marvel Comics and had and 11 issue comic series. The toys line that went along with the comics were also short lived. The good guys looked like they were fromed from crystal and the bad guys looked like lava.

Over at Branded in the 80's you can see the full sticker sheet these guys came from. Not to mention the fact that they are pristine and you can enjoy the art work better.

I never had any of the Crystar figures new and I've never read any of the comics, so I don't really know the characters names. I have always kind of wondered if this next fellow was a good guy or bad buy since he seems to be half and half crystal and lava. The lava dragon sticker didn't end up getting damaged as much as the others when it comes to the white lines, but it almost ripped in half. I love the "Mr. Yuck" sticker from poison control just above him. You don't see those guys any more.

Last but not least, a nice puffy Yellow Lion sticker from Voltron.


  1. I like puffy stickers and they made Crystar stickers? too cool.

  2. LOVE the Voltron puffies ! I have a few D&D puffies coming my way soon !