Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Catra Halloween Costume - PoP

I recently picked up this 80's Halloween costume of the Jealous Beauty from Princess of Power, Catra. Being a huge He-Man and the Masters of the Universe it's hard to not be into She-Ra the Princess of Power a little. My buddy Paul picked this up at a yard sale to resale. When no one bid on it on ebay I swooped in at snatched it up for the minimum bid at the last moment.

 The costume consists of a  thin ridged plastic mask and a vinyl smock. These parts are packaged up in a little window box. The box is kind of beat up, but still cool.

I find it very interesting that the mask is based on the Filmation cartoon version of the character, but the smock is based on the Mattel action figure of  her. It's a odd mix of the two styles. The furry skirt is also pretty funny since it is just black hash marks on a skin tone plastic.


  1. Miss M would go crazy over this! lol. Ah Ben Cooper you and Collegeville were so good to me in my youth.

  2. I am going crazy over this! I have never seen a Catra one! I remember these style of costumes though with the plastic face and everything. It is slightly creepy but really cool at the same time!