Thursday, January 17, 2013

Scared Stiff - Filmation Ghostbusters

As a kid I was a big fan of both the Real Ghostbusters and the Filmation Ghostbusters. In case you don't know the Real Ghostbusters were based on the 80's live action movie and the Filmation Ghostbusters were a modern update of a 70's live action TV show. Filmation was trying to cash-in on the popularity of the movie that used the same name as their earlier show.

Scared Stiff was a wimpy nervous henchman for the main villain, Prime Evil. He is a robotic skeleton and has a similar personality to C3P-O from Star Was. He has standard 5-points of articulation and a simple paint scheme. He matches his cartoon likeness nicely. He is some what pre-posed by his sculpt. As a kid I wished he could come apart because in the cartoon he was frequently falling to pieces.


  1. I was a little older when this came out.

  2. I much prefer the Filmation version of the Ghostbusters v.s. The "Real" Ghostbusters. It was the character designs and the over all "Cheap" feel of the show I liked. I never find these figures anywhere I go flea market wise but if I did I would grab them up in a heartbeat for sure.