Sunday, June 22, 2014

Flea Market Finds #29

Today's flea market haul was pretty small, but so was the price. I paid $3 for everything pictured below. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Cheapskate, Commander Dog Star from Bucky O'Hare, ROC Motor-Viper with Flint's head from GI Joe, and a Combat Hero Snake Eyes also from GI Joe.

I really like the vintage Motor-Viper figure, but I didn't buy the Rise of Cobra (ROC) vehicle he was the driver for. Even though he has the wrong head I couldn't leave that cool removable Motor-Viper vest behind. I don't have many Combat Heroes, but I love Snake-Eyes. I already have Dog Star, but I figured I'd check to see if this one was in better shape than mine.

If you haven't entered the 100,000 Views Contest yet, what are you waiting for? I'm giving away toys!


  1. Great haul for the price! Am hoping to get out to City Market in a few weeks to pick some random cheapies myself too.

  2. The Motor-Viper is from the first of the live-action GI Joe movies. So, no he's not vintage.

  3. I hope the motor viper would be painted in his full vintage colors, maybe as a 13th figure in one of the FSS waves. I do believe Sam at Trevose flea mkt has the vehicle with driver at his table.

    1. I knew he had the SUV thing, I'll have to ask him what he wants for it. I really only want the driver. Find anything today?

  4. didn't go to the flea markets today but went to Berlin Flea market with Nick on Saturday and we brought home some dvds of Real Ghostbuster, Mazinger z, Captian N. the gamemaster, Visionaries, and the Ewoks cartoon.

  5. That's so random to find Flint's head on a motor viper body. Don't you just wonder how that came to be?