Tuesday, June 10, 2014

King Randor (Armored) - MOTUC

I love Mattel's Masters of the Universe Classics line. I didn't get in on the line at the very begining, but I've picked up most of the items I missed out on. One of the few items I passed on when I was first getting into classics was the original release of King Randor. This figure is based on his vintage figure and for whatever reason it didn't tickle my fancy. Now that my collection is pretty massive and mostly complete when I saw him at It's a Toy Show this weekend I felt like I needed to pick him up.

Randor comes armed with a gold sword and staff. Both feature a four pointed arrow with blue stone motif. When I look at Randor's lower half I can't help but think of Lion-O from Thundercats. It's the orange legs with blue boots I guess. I prefer the palace version of Randor, but I'm a real sucker for the Filmation cartoon series.

Here's King Randor in package before I ripped it open and let this guy breath some fresh air.


  1. The King works out! The dude is buff! lol.

  2. I too have both versions. I like the filmation style King Randor better as well as I am more of a cartoon guy and not a comic book guy. I was surprised you didn't have him already.

    1. There might be one or two others, but Tytus and Wundar are some of the only figures I'm missing from the line.