Thursday, June 26, 2014

Me and Ulraman - Comicfest '93

With Wizard World 2014 behind me I decided to look back to my first comic con. Philadelphia Comicfest 1993 was a magical event for me. My Dad took me to the show to hang out with my best friend Derek, whose father was a guest at the show. When we saw the line of people trying to get autographed issues of Batman: Knightfall by my buddy's dad, Doug Moench, my Dad finally admitted that he must be famous. Anyway today's post is a throwback photo my Dad took at the show of myself (wearing a homemade Knightfall t-shirt) with Ultraman! I was really at my height of loving Ultraman and Godzilla at the time.

This weekend on Friday and Staruday I'm heading out to the Greater Philly Expo Center to the Too Many Games convetion that another one of my Elementay school friends runs. If you are into vintage or modern video games you've got to check this convention out. They also cater to collectable and board games as well as video games. I'll be hanging out quite a bit with my friends Rose & Tony from Retro Con as well.

Action Figure Adventures will it the 100,000 view mark this weekend, so this is kind of like last call for the contest. Good luck to everyone who has entered so far.


  1. Oh man you are making me feel old! I was already out of high school in 93, But I was also a huge fan of Ultraman at that same point in time.

  2. Have a great time this weekend Kevin can't wait to hear about your adventures at the event.

  3. My first con was in 1990. It was near GA but not in the states. I cannot remember what it was called.