Thursday, June 12, 2014

Shuttle Pod - NA He-Man

Last weekend at It's a Toy Show I picked up this vehicle from the 90's He-Man toy line. Often called the New Adventures of He-Man due to the title of the cartoon show that supported the line, this series sent He-Man into outer space.  I got this box (not sealed) vehicle in a bundle deal with two carded figures from other lines.

It's kind of ashame, but the front of the box is kind of ruined by the big discount sticker. The top of the package show off some of the ships features. The swiveling fins and storage for extra weapons that are included with the vehicle.

The back of the box shows off more features, including how to attach the Shuttle Pod to the Terror Claw vehicle.

Here is the contents of the box. The Shuttle, instructions, and a baggie including the decals and the parts. I haven't decided if I'll put it together, or just keep it in the box.


  1. I have so many packs and box's that are well below collectors grade because of big patches of clearance stickers. KB toys was notorious for there mark down stickers and dented up packs from the big clearance bins. As ugly as the stickers are I think they have a bit of nostalgic charm.

  2. Hmm....I was out of heman by the time this came along.

  3. I hate that I sold most of my MOTU and New Adventures stuff at a yard sale around 1996. I had this toy (it was bought on discount from a Toy Liquidators or a KB at Gurney Mills Mall in Illinois) and I loved it! I loved the way that you could open the back and store accessories. That just jumped out at me when I was younger, for some reason. Heck, I still dig stuff like that!

  4. Sweet! And it's complete with box.

  5. You gotta post pics with a figure in the cockpit sometime ;)

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