Monday, June 23, 2014

RAM Motorcyle - GIJoe '82/'83

The RAM (Rapid Fire Motorcycle) is my favorite GI Joe land vehicle and my 2nd favorite vehicle from the entire line. I got my first RAM in a box of toys a neighbor kid gave me because he out grew them. The box had a bunch of '83 figures and several early vehicles including a RAM. I played with that motorcycle like crazy until it broke. I was playing with it on the sofa of a beach house we had rented with some of my aunts and uncles and cousins and I pretend it went off a ramp. I must of brought it down to hard on the floor because the front fork broke off at the swivel point. My Dad tried gluing it when we got back from vacation, but it didn't hold up. Now I buy every RAM I see. When I part out toys for my friend Paul to resell, he knows I always take any and all RAM parts in the lots he buys at yard sales as payment for my services.

I paid $5 a piece for these two cycles at the It's a Toy Show event I was at a few weeks ago. (This is the last post from that show by the way... finally got all those purchases posted about) They both are in nice shape and came with the sidecar gatling gun. One the one included the often lost saddle bags.

Flint and Brazil Mission Leatherneck are going on a mission. This photo is over exposed. I didn't notice when I took the photo. Oh well. One of these days I'm going to dig out my RAM collection and post it so everyone can see them all.

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  1. The RAM Cycles are great i have had a couple in my youth and in more recent years.

  2. The plastic used on vintage Joe vehicles wasn't very "drop" resistant.Even parts didn't break they were very susceptible to stress marks and cracking.I think the Joe vehicles of today are built alot tougher.

  3. Iv had more then one broke at the same point you are talking about, I think it must be a common weak point.

    1. Yeah, with it being a swivel point and all it's just a weak spot.