Monday, June 9, 2014

M. Bison and Issue 21 Comic Pack - GI Joe

Here are two carded GI Joe items I picked up at It's a Toy Show  over the weekend. I already have both items loose, but I'm having fun building up a collection of carded items as well. I enjoy the packaging. First up is M. Bison from the Street Fighter II sub-set of GI Joe. I now have a collection of four carded Street Fighters including Ryu, Chun Li, and Blanka. M. Bison's figure never had the bulk and stature I really wanted out of a figure of this character.The package is in pretty nice shape. There is a small ding in the bottom corner.

When Hasbro first started cranking out these Marvel Comic 3-Packs in the mid two thousands I was so excited. O-Ring figures with new head sculpts based on the classic Larry Hama comics! I still remember starring at my computer screen so much my eyes started to hurt when the images of the first couple packs were released online. I picked up a carded copy of this pack because it is without a doubt the most famous issue from the GI Joe: A Real American Hero run. The red ninja in the pack is not very comic accurate. I guess they didn't want to tool up a new head for him as well as Snake-Eyes.


  1. So cool! I gotta snag up an 84 Commando SE figure at some point.

  2. Of all the characters from Street Fighter II series M.Bison and Guile are the ones that truly fit into the G.I. Joe universe.

  3. Cool! We need those SFII Joe figures.