Friday, June 20, 2014

S.K. Optimus Prime & Grimlock

Yesterday I announced my 100,000 views contest. Go here to enter to win this Target Exclusive Silver Knight Optimus Prime and Grimlock two pack.

The contest ends when Action Figure hits 100,000 views. Which should be sometime in the next two weeks!

So today's post is all about this cool Transformers 4 set of action figures. Optimus Prime is a movie universe style figure while Grimlock is more of a G1 style figure.

I'm not really sure where Hasbro came up with this pairing, but it's a very cool set.

Hot Rod and Grimlock together ready to take on Unicron.
Grimlock's light up feature
Sliver Knight Prime
Optimus Prime riding Grimlock? - hey it happened in the trailer!
Grimlock in robot mode
Optimus Prime in truck mode


  1. The colors on this set really do make it stand out, It almost has a bootleg quality to it which makes me love it!

  2. So freaking cool Buzz!I may have to add some of these new TF's figures to my small mix.

  3. Love that Grimlock and the Metal Prime looks very cool too!

  4. I like the color scheme on this Grimlock, however im not 100% sold on the toy. I feel the dinomode needs more chest underneath. If you know what I mean.

    1. I agree. I wish there was more of a chest to the dino-mode.

  5. I was out of Transformers when the Dinobots made their first appearance. IT is SO frickin hard to transform them for battle when playing that I gave up on them.