Friday, August 29, 2014

Sy-Klone - Vntage MOTUC

Sy-Klone was a Heroic Warrior in the Masters of the Universe line. He's a blue skinned man that can spin his upper body so fast he generates tornadoes. He's dressed in a blue, yellow, and red uniform with a radar dish on his chest. The dish is actually a lenticular sticker, so the Radar image sweeps across the sticker. The toy has a built in action feature that allows his torso to spin when a dial on his belt is moved. The spinning force makes his arms elevate and fly out to the sides.

 To make Sy-Klone's action feature work his arms do not have traditional MOTU joints. In fact, his arms can't really be posed at all. They just sort of dangle limply. In the photo below I actually was holding him upside down to simulate the way his arms spread out without having to deal with motion blur while taking the photo. Sy-Klone came with one accessory, a yellow shield that could be clipped to either of his wrists.

As a kid, I thought Sy-Klone's face looked a lot like He-Man's face. Since he has blue skin and looks like He-Man I naturally connected the character with Faker. I frequently pretended that Sy-Klone was a new version of Faker.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Insect Body Mr. Freeze

Insect Body Mr. Freeze was released in 1998 as part of The New Batman Adventures Mission Masters series. This line was based on the second version of the Batman Animated Series. The cartoon designs changed a little and were somewhat darker. I bought Mr. Freeze at a yard sale because I really liked his black and metallic blue uniform. Only later did I find out his head could be removed an attached to a spider body that I don't own. He also came with an ice blaster which could be stored inside his torso when he's in spider mode.

I love his pale skinned head with red eyes inside the clear dome. I just think the character design is really striking. I hope to come across the spider body at a toy show some time.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Amazing Spider-Man

When the Amazing Spider-Man movie was released, Spider-Man was the only figure I actually purchased. I didn't hate the design of his costume in the reboot film, but I also didn't love it. This figure is pretty well articulated and since Spider-Man is my favorite Marvel hero I wanted to add something to my collection from the film.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

FYE Woodbridge NJ - Cosplay Contest

One of my favorite parts of h FYE grand opening events in Woodbridge was the Cosplay Contest. I put together a video to show off some of the awesome costumes. Hope you guys enjoy.

Rose & Tony (Retro Con Organizers) dressed as Dark Helmet and a Spaceball pose with Baby Skeletor.

Monday, August 25, 2014

2015 MOTUC Subs Sale Ends Today

This is it. Last chance to get in on the final year of the Masters of the Universe Classics toy line. I know the figures aren't cheap, but this is up there with some of the greatest toy lines ever made. If you not into He-Man or figure Subscriptions... not problem. If you want these figures now's your last chance to pre-order them. If Mattel doesn't get enough pre-sales they will cancel the MOTUC line a year early and we will only get a few quarterly releases instead of 12+ figures in 2015. I'm so nervious it might not go through I ordered a second subscription to help with the final push.

This photo shows most of my Classics collection, but not quite all of it. A really solid line and some cool releases yet to come. If you are interested head over to MattyCollector.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Total Darkness: All Hell Breaks Loose

Miss M. from Diary of a Dorkette has been publishing a story called Total Darkness all month. She has asked fellow bloggers to help tell the story of the many great battles fought between good, evil, this plain of existance, and the afterlife. All Hell Breaks Loose is the Action Figure Adventures one-shot installment in the Total Darkness Event.

Lord Zedd: With the world clocked in darkness this is my chance to show off how powerful I am. I failed to defeat the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, but now that I'm back and stronger than ever I will destroy the Power Rangers Megaforce.

Lord Zedd: Some things seem to never change, but I will put an end to these five colorful Power Punks. What do the MegaForce Rangers call their Megazord? The Mega-Megazord?

Lord Zedd: Even though Rita almost crippled the original Megazord during an eclipse, I have information that says the current Zords are still solar powered. The entire world is in total darkness... their Zords can't help them. ha ha ha!

Troy: Okay Zedd, It's over. We are going to take you down.

Lord Zedd: It's Lord Zedd to you boy. I think you are greatly mistaken Red Ranger.

 Troy: I don't think so Zedd. We're going to take you down because Earth's Defenders...

All Rangers: Never Surrender!

Lord Zedd: Minions, eliminate the other Rangers, but the Red Ranger is all mine.

Troy: Okay  Rangers! Let's make this a Mega-Win!

Noah: Everybody pick your man, and watch each others back.

Emma: I'll take the big dumb gray guy.

Jake: I've got the armored skeleton.

Gia: That leaves the Loogies to Noah and myself.

The battle is fast and fierce. The Rangers use their arsenal of weapons and powers to take down the forces of evil.

Emma: Phoenix Shot!

Doomsday: Roar!

Emma: aaaah help!

Noah: I'm coming Emma!

Troy: I swear Zedd, if anything happens to her...

 Jake: Emma I'll be right there.

Gia: This Loogie is done. You're next big boy.

Doomsday: Roar!

Noah: Hi-yah! Shark Blow Gun!

Gia: Tiger Claw!

Jake: Snake Ax!

Doomsday: Roar!

Noah: I've got ya, Emma. Let's get out of here.

Emma: Thanks guys!

Jake: yeah... no problem. aaahh!

Gia: Quit fooling around Jake. We've got to finish off tall, gray, and gruesome.

Lord Zedd: Ha ha ha, Red Ranger, you can't hold a candle to the original Red Ranger.

Emma: Noah, duck! Phoenix Shot!

Lord Zedd: aaaaahhhh!

Emma: Troy!

Noah: Can you stand? We need to get you out of here.

Troy: Thanks guys!

Noah: We've got to regroup.

Lord Zedd: These MegaForce Rangers may be tougher than I thought. Lucky for me I'm not out of tricks yet! ha ha ha!

Lord Zedd: Rangers, face one of the most powerful Zords from Power Ranger past! Thanks to my dark magic this weapon works even in total darkness!

Noah: No way!

Emma: What?

Troy: The Dragon Zord!

Troy: I thought all the Mighty Morthin Zords were destoryed long ago. How do we battle a Zord when ours won't work because there's no sun light?

Lord Zedd: The Dragon Zord has fought on the side of evil before. Now I will destroy you with your own technology. Dragon Zord, attack!

Gia: Look out everybody, it's using its tail attack!

 The Rangers attempt to dodge the attack, but the Zord is swift and powerful. The Rangers fall like domino.

Lord Zedd:  Ha ha ha! I've done it! All the Power Rangers have fallen!

Lord Zedd: Now, Dragon Zord attack again and make sure they are finished!

The giant mechanical monster does no respond to Lord Zedd's command.

Lord Zedd: Dragon Zord, attack the Power Rangers! Use your tail or finger tips missiles. Anything!

Again the Dragon Zord does not respond to Lord Zed's command. The machine slowly begins to shutter and emit an unusual glow.

Lord Zedd: What is going on?

The Dragon Zord rattles, glows, and begins to transform. Slowly shadows and shapes begin to take form inside the light coming from within the Dragon Zord.

Acromancer: hmm... you will make a fine servent. What is your name?

Lord Zedd: What? servent? Who are you and what have you done to my Dragon Zord?

Acromancer: I am Acromancer and this is my army of Archfiend warriros. I have used your "Dragon Zord" to form a gateway between the land of the living and the dead. You should feel honored that you have been very helpful to my cause already, If you continue to do as you are told you will be rewarded when the forced of evil have concurred this world.

Lord Zedd: I don't understand. What do you mean by the land of the dead?

Acromancer: We come from the Realm of the Underworld. Some call it Hades, other Hell. We call it home.

Emma: ugh...

Emma: (thinks to herself) What happened? I feel like I was run over by a freight train, or maybe a Dragon Zord. I got to get up. I feel so weak.

Acromancer: Now that I have answered your questions servent, you have two options. You may kneel before me, or be destoryed by my army. It's up to you. It actually makes no difference at all to me.

Lord Zedd: I am Lord Zedd, and I've never knelt before someone in my entire life.

Lord Zedd: Then again, I've never felt so much evil eminating from a single being before. I kneel before you, Acromancer. I will do your biding, but as a warrior or perhaps a general... not as a servent. Lord Zedd is no one's minion.

Acromancer: You have made a wise choice, Lord Zedd. Welcome to my army of the Underworld. Are you prepared to destroy all who stand in our way?

Emma: Now's my chance. I've got to get help. It's Morphin' Time, Ultra Mode!

Emma: I've got to find She-Ra and warn her of what has happend here!

Lord Zedd: No, the Pink Ranger is escaping!

Acromancer: It is of no concern. She will serve as my Herald telling all that the ACROMANCER AND THE ARMY OF THE UNDERWORLD HAVE RISEN!