Thursday, August 7, 2014

Ninja Turtles Wrist Watch

As a kid I had two different Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles wrist watches. Pictured below is the first one I received which features Michaelangelo. The band to the watch was a flexy piece of orange plastic. The main part of the watch is a green oval with a little Michaelangelo attached to the top. You can see that a lot of his orange paint has worn off. I wore this watch a lot in elementary school. Later I was given a Donatello watch, but the style of the character on the second one was closer to the look of the cartoon turtles verses the vintage figure look of this watch.

The little figure of Michaelangelo flips up to reveal his name, the time, and two buttons for setting the hours and minutes. The watch eventually wore out and I took it a part. I was interested in what kind of electronics were inside of things as a kid. I save the little figure from the front of the watch in a box with other Turtles items. I don't know what happened to the Donny watch but I wore that one some as well. So whose going to watch the Bay Turtles? (pun intended)


  1. This was after my time...But I love getting stuff from my childhood. I am sure this is important to you as well. Congrats!

  2. Wow!I never owned one of these but I'm sure one of my little cousins or nephew did and I remember loving it!This one struck a nostalgia nerve,Kevin ;)Thanks!

  3. I remember owning this bad boy, nice piece of TMNT history bud. And, I believe I'm going to wait and see what happens in the box office first. Let some reviews trickle down.

    1. The movie was fun, but not great. Lots of plot holes. Some parts I thought the CGI looked good, others not so much.

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