Monday, August 4, 2014

ReAction Rocketeer - Super7 & Funko

The Rocketeer is a 1930's era inspired adventurer with a sci-fi twist. He originated in comics in the 80's and was given his own movie in the 1990's. Recently two toy companies, Super7 and Funko, have teamed up to create vintage style  3 3/4" action figures of many 70's, 80's, and 90's properties.

The Rocketeer comes with a removable jetpack and helmet. (flame and smoke effect not included)

I would have loved this figure as a kid. I would have used him with my Star Wars toys for sure. I wonder if I would have used him as a new character or pretended he was Han Solo or someone else in a special uniform.


I know a lot of my readers are not local, but for anybody planning on going to the Grand Re-Opening of the F.Y.E. store in Woodbridge, NJ. Below is a text coupon for the event. FYE has invited several bloggers ans youtubers to come to the event and it should be a good time. If you go to the event, please say "Hi". I'd love to meet some of my readers.



  1. I love these little retro figures.The Goonies are high on my want list!

  2. That was amazing! Your animation! Awesome! Thanks for the headsup on FYE! I gotta get out of Mexico one day.

  3. The Rocketeer is definitely a childhood favorite. It's awesome to see the franchise to have a modern day toy. :)