Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Optimus Prime - toy truck

during the merchandising blitz for the first Transformers movie, Hasbro released some Hot Wheels like toy cars of some of the Transformers in car mode. Here is Optimus Prime as a blue and red tractor trailer truck. The vehicle is pretty much all plastic, not metal like most toy cars of this scale.

If you flip the truck over you can see that Prime's robot mode is sculpted on the bottom. I guess a kid could pretend he transformed. It's kind of lame but oh well. I think I bought this toy at Five Below.


  1. Yup a Five Below special they have a couple of pegs full of these at ours still next to the Burning Key Cars.....which are so much cooler than these lol.

  2. Hmm...I think if I were going to buy them I would want retro all the way. The 1984 look.

  3. No longer do they need someone to pull them in a wagon because their new ride on toy cars are ready to take them almost anywhere they want to go. ride on toys