Tuesday, August 26, 2014

FYE Woodbridge NJ - Cosplay Contest

One of my favorite parts of h FYE grand opening events in Woodbridge was the Cosplay Contest. I put together a video to show off some of the awesome costumes. Hope you guys enjoy.

Rose & Tony (Retro Con Organizers) dressed as Dark Helmet and a Spaceball pose with Baby Skeletor.


  1. People love there dress-up these days. : )

  2. Im loving the intro theme Buzz.Is that original or from a cartoon series.It sounds 80s!

    1. It's original. A musician friend created it as the opening theme for the Stop Motion Animated series I did called Action Figure Adventures. The only direction I gave him was think 80's cartoon theme.

  3. My sewing gal has bit the dust. I have to find a new one. On my list was to do my own cosplay outfit. Guess it will have to wait.