Saturday, August 23, 2014

Vintage Toy Sales Flyers

When I first started teaching high school (2005-06) I was cleaning up and came across some very old news papers. I paged through the papers and found some old sale flyers that included some toys. I clipped a few of the ads out and save them.

Stuffed Ninja Turtles - I never had these, but they were every where in the late 80's.

Lite-Brite and Show Beam cartoon projector - The GIJoe refill pack for the Lite-Brite I bought at NJCC last weekend reminded me I had these old ads to post about. I never knew anyone who had a cartoon projector.

Remote-controlled wrecker - Are kids today into R/C cars? I don't notice them in stores or see commercials for them much, but they seem a lot like playing a video game. TYCO, that's how you spell RC! (not sure if this is a TYCO product, but that slogan still pops into my head every time I think about an R/C car.

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