Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Spikor -MOTUC

This months MOTUC release from Matty Collector.com is Spikor. Skeletor's evil blacksmith. He was always an interesting vintage figure, and he ended up getting a nice update. He comes with his orange Mace, a short trident, long trident, red arm block, and a hand. This allows you to give him a variety of appeared to suit your needs. Check out the animated review below.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Flint Shampoo Bottle - GI Joe

I picked up this shampoo bottle at Wizard World this year. He's kind of funky and cool. I have several licensed shampoo bottles from 80's properties. This is based on the 1985 Flint action figure. He even has his accessories molded on. In the front you can see his shotgun and on the back his backpack. The sticker on his base reads:
Warrant Officer
Code Name: Flint
GI Joe

 Now, I'm sure shampoo companies spend enough money on licensing fees that they aren't going to spend a fortune on the sculptor, but look at him. He has no chin. Flints neck runs right into his mouth. The bottle is marked 1986.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Batman Annual #1

So I'm behind on my comic reading, but Batman Annual #1 is from July 2012 so there may still be a chance to pick it up. I prefer reading comics in collections, like trade paperbacks. For a while the only DC stuff I was reading was older graphic novels and trades. I did jump on JSA when they were going to do a big new story arc that features Alex Ross covers. I was interested in this story because a personal friend of mine, comic book author, Doug Moench had written a JSA story and DC was pulling the plug on it because of major changes to Star Man and JSA that were happening in regular issues of the comics. It bumped Doug's story out of cannon. Doug had other issues like this with Batman stories in the past few years, due to the death of Bruce Wayne. When that arc was over I stopped reading any monthly DC books until I heard about the New 52. I told the owner of my local comic book shop I wanted the first 5 of all 52. Then I'd figure out which ones I wanted to continue with. I ended up making the decision without ever reading all those issues. I couldn't read 260 comics in 5 months. I read all five of some, one or two of others, and none of some of them.

Anyway, back to the point. I kept getting most of the Bat books and that's about it from the new 52. I guess DC's plan worked on me to some degree. I went from zero monthly books to 52 and settled in on eight. I'm not real big on how they are connecting all the stories with the Night of Owls thing. It's a good story, but I thought DC said no more multi-book story lines? At the end of this Bat-family adventures comes Batman Annual #1.

This gives Mr. Freeze his origin story for the New 52. It's kind of neat that he's already been in a issue, and we all know his story. If you know his background from the pre-New 52, or the BtAS or Batman & Robin, it's all sort of the same... isn't it?

Scott Snyder gives Mr. Freeze an even more dark and twisted back story. I actually started out not liking the story. There is a strong connection between Victor Fries and Bruce Wayne. I'm not a huge fan of Bruce Wayne/Batman creating his own villains. It's a cool story idea, but I don't really like it for Batman. I also am not a huge fan of him having bare arms. I prefer a more self contained suit.

Once I got past that and read more, close to the end, Mr. Freeze's motives (which we all know he's motivated by his love for his wife Nora) become twisted and extra creepy. There is a flashback even after this to a young Victor and his mother that really seals the deal that this guy is one sick bastard. If you haven't read it, hunt this issue down and read it. This is my first glowing endorsement for anything from the New 52. I'm saying this as I am considering dropping a couple more of the 8 books I'm still reading. Scott Snyder's gonna hang onto this reader for a while longer at least.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

2013 Club Eternia Video

I can't believe that the Master of the Universe Classics line may be in jeopardy. I was so excited seeing the releases online from SDCC, and now there just aren't enough people buying subs. I was inspired by Masque from He-Man.org to make a video to help encourage people to subscribe to the line.

Get yours now!    - Matty Collector .com

Friday, July 27, 2012

Action Figure Adventures Ep 8 Eggs

This is the final installment of Action Figure Advenuters: The Series Notes and Easter Eggs. I hope this will inspire you to check out Episode 8 if you haven't yet. It also gives you something to think about on a second viewing. We had such a good time makeing the seriesn, and I hope you have enjoyed watching it.

Episode 8 is the last one. Time to clean up the mess I made. The shots of dumping the toys segments from the opening are played in reverse.

A lot of the characters got new "title cards" for this episode.

2:04 Chewbacca is sitting with Shockwave's head and Budo's torso. If you've seen the entire series you know Shockwave cracked when he was thawing out after being locked in the mini fridge. There were a couple of other ad-libbed escape plans were animated for episode 7. When Budo's plan failed he preformed Seppuku and cut himself in half. These extra escape plans did not make it into the episode, but that is why Budo no longer has legs.

 2:47 The giant is wearing a crew t-shirt for "The Warden". During my sophomore year of college, while animating this show I also help with a massive student film project going on in the communications department at Millersville University. Matthias Sundberg (the voice of Spider-Man in AFA) was making a superhero/vigilante movie set in Lancaster City. Most weekends I'd spend the early morning animating and then go out at night with the student film crew to shoot scenes for the Warden. I was an audio grip. I got to hold very still keeping a microphone just out of frame for hours and hours. It was a cool experience. Many people involved in the Warden provided voices for this show. Dave Ehrhart the voice of Han Solo played the masked Vigilante, Harry Turner who voiced Luke Skywalker was a producer, and Craig Carestia who voiced Crazylegs was the main production assistant.

3:45 Spider-man asks Snake-Eyes how he changed his cloths and points out that he can't. This contradicts a scene from earlier in the series when Han and Luke changed into Stormtrooper outfits. We were aware of this, but felt that the earlier story was funny. The current situation is sort of required to move the plot forward. So when writing the script we broke our own rule.

4:35 The website on the monitor is www.obscenenewg.com a site that my friends and I worked on at the time. A few of the things I wrote for that site have actually been reposted on this blog.

 5:34 Most of the "wandering" bits in the ceiling between main plot points were just made up while animating. I wanted to work in some connections between the dorm room and Chuckles. He's been go for so long and I wanted there to be little reminders of home to him. Some of these things include the Ninja Turtles marble and the Mr. T. loot bag he using as a sleeping bag (earlier episode).

6:17 This is another ad-libbed Chuckles adventure. Chuckles is always righting wrongs and since the last time we saw the Cloner was during the Robot God adventure I decided to bring her back, but have Chuckles help her out.

7:23 After using the Star Wars Episode 2 Clone Troopers I decided to throw in the droid army as well.

7:56 The K'nex is another call back to the dorm room. Batman and Robin were going to escape using K'nex hang glider and that is when Chuckles decided to go up into the ceiling to find another way out.

8:32 I tried to keep the ceiling scenes a little dark. Some of the scenes in this episode are a little bright  to help make this guy appear clear.

8:45 The clear Halo Master Chief figure was sent to me as a thank you for filling out an online survey about my toy buying habits. I don't really remember it was emailed to me or part of a site I visited frequently at the time.

 9:20 During the Band scene in AFA 7 I used every vintage Star Wars figure I had. Over the course of post-production (since it took us years) I slowly picked up the rest of the vintage Star Wars figures. When I got the A-Wing pilot I shot this little scene where he gives Chuckles a very unhelpful map.

9:40 Same story with Han Solo in Carbonite

10:38 One last shot with the rest of the vintage collection. Barada, Blue Snaggletooth, Luke in Endor Poncho, Yakface, the Imperial Dignity, and Ev-99.

10:51 Fight + Win = Prize was the name of an animation in our show Animation Creation and seemed like a funny nod to that show and gave me something to do with these last few vintage Star Wars toys.

14:18 Knowing is half the battle, a reference to the classic GI Joe cartoon Public Service Announcements

15:56 Shockwave's head has been band-aided to Wolverine's back and Budo is getting a piggyback ride from Mr. T

16:10 I like that Derek wrote in that the two Storm shadows would spy on the heroes from the bunk-beds. It's an area of the room that wasn't seen much in the show. There was an ad-libbed escape plan that didn't make it into episode 7 that involved Spider-Man swinging Mr. T over to the beg on dental floss to see if there was a possible way out.

16:51 I love that Cobra Commander says "You know by now that their pathetic plans always fail". A funny reference to the fact that in the GI Joe cartoon Cobra Commander's plans fail every episode.

19:08 It was really hard to me to do this shot. To hit my '82 Cobra Commander with a door made me so sad. Most of the toys that were destroyed in the show (like Alpine) I bought a duplicate so as not to damage my figures.

19:19 The giant is wearing a GI Joe Official Fan Club t-shirt that was part of the membership package.

19:55 The student entering the building is Matthias Sundberg (the voice of Spider-man and Director of "The Warden")

20:22 Everyone who has gone to Millersville University has looked at the cage of rocks and wondered, what is this?

20:58 I used a low camera angle here to harken back to another video project Derek and I did. In Godzilla Flick, I again play a toy collector, but my obsession is actually Derek's kaiju monster collection in that project.

21:27 It turns out the three toys who escaped the room have been living outside in  shake made from the parts of the gliders. I unscrewed part of Crazylegs leg and removed on of Robin's shin guard to make them look a little worse for wear. I though about having batman's cape be missing, but he just doesn't look as cool without it,

22:27 The campus tour continues showing off the pond, another well known spot in Millersville.

24:16 x4847 was my actual campus phone number when I lived in 702. I wonder if they even have the room lines anymore, now that everyone has a cell phone.

24:23 You can see that the toys strapped themselves to the animal using rubber bands. This was necessary to keep toys from falling off during all the driving scenes. So it was just written into the story

 24:50 Does it feel like the story came full circle? Do you remember how episode one started?

25:00 Derek scripted the final line to be delivered by Clutch. I insisted that the line be given to Barbeque because he was the one who had previously referred to the room as hell.

27:28 The shot after the credits was filmed somewhere between Derek's house and mine. we set the toys up on the roof of my 1990 Buick Century with the camera on a tripod set for time-lapse photography.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Care Bears Cup

A few months ago I asked my mom about some of the licensed properties cups I had as a kid. I was looking for a specific one, but here is one that I forgot I had that she dug out of the back of the glasses cabinet in her kitchen.  This Care Bears cup was made by Deka in 1983. Deka made a lot of plastic kids cups and plates in the 80's.

 You can see in the 2nd photo that my cup has a chip at the bottom. I probably dropped it as a kid. I don't remember how it happened. My sister had an identical Deka cup that featured Strawberry Shortcake artwork.

If you've read my Care Bears figures post , you know that my sister had the little poseable figure of the yellow bear and I'm almost positive I had a figure of the green bear on this cup.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Thundercats Pencil Topper

This little 1985 Thundercats Thundertank can be used as a pencil topper or as a friction racer. It is very cartoon accurate in appearance.  I used to play with it like it was a matchbox car because it has wheels on the underside. When you pull the tank back it races forward.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Blazing Sword Voltron

Mattel's "Blazing Sword Voltron" is by no means new, but for some reason I just never posted any thoughts on the toy. I took these photos months ago. Originally released as a SDCC exclusive, Blazing Sword Voltron was later available on MattyCollector.com. This is the most well articulated Voltron ever made. He has a ball jointed neck, an ab crunch, shoulder, elbow, hip, and knee joints. His hands have spring-loaded jaws that snap close and articulation at the necks of the lions that make his feet. The figure is also cartoon accurate. This means there is no chrome and the legs on the lions magically disappeared when they formed Voltron. He comes with two different versions of his sword, Blazing and and non-Blazing. Unfortunately there was no shield included with him.

Even though he is cartoon accurate the green lion and red lion seem very strange without legs. The yellow and blue lions have white circles where the legs should be and it give him just enough detail that it doesn't seem like somethi8ng is missing. I wish I could remember if I ever notices the missing legs in the cartoon as a kid. Everyone always wondered where Optimus Prime's trailer went, but what about the lion's legs? Maybe I just assumed they folded up inside of him. Both swords are very nice, but  I display mine with the Blazing Sword. It's different, and is in this figures name.

If you are a Voltron fan and you don't want to invest in one of the vintage or the new large scale Voltron this guy is a very affordable option. He comes in a coo box with as speaker that plays audio from the opening of the cartoon show.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Action Figure Adventures Ep 8

Each week for the past 8 weeks I've posted an episode of our series, Action Figure Adventures. I hope you have been checking it out and enjoying it. There was a lot of time put into the series and it's nice to finally be able to share it with people.

The arrival of new Snake-Eyes and Storm Shadow figures spark some controversy. Spider-man and Cobra Commander draw very different conclusions form the presence of their new team mates.

 The Star Wars characters, who took a seat on the back burner the past couple of episodes are back and actually play a pivotal role in the episode. Does Luke's lightsaber save the day? Can Han make the Kessel Run in  less than 12 parsecs with a plastic fork?

The Villain army  wants to crush the heroes at their most desperate hour. Tune in to this weeks episode for the exciting conclusion of Action Figure Adventures.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Action Figure Adventures Ep 7 Eggs

This is the 7th Friday in a row that I am posting Notes and Easter Eggs about our stop motion animated show. I hope if you've been watching you like it, and if you haven't see the show check it out. Here are some things to look for in a second viewing of AFA Ep 7.

SlooooWWWWW Mmooooooooo opening! - I'm going to comment on the toys dumped during the open. since they get the most screen time here.

0:23 - The first box is random toys where I didn't have many figures from one line. (Modulok from MOTU, Z-Bots, Dungeons & Dragons, Mad Balls, and Pirates of Dark Water)

0:33 Box two contains mostly COPS 'n' Crooks toys but there are some Police Academy guys in there also.

There are Real and Filmation Ghostbusters, Vintage and New Sculpt GI Joes, and lots of 90's PotF2 Star Wars figures.

0:47 - The Title Card for Clutch and the Tiger Force Flunkies has a mistake. Clutch is labeled as Chuckles. Our typographer has been fired. (All mistakes in this blog posting will also be retroactively blamed on her)

1:14 - We get to the Darth Vader case of vintage figures. I did not dump my C-3PO case which at the time stored my more valuable Star Wars figures.

There is a Robocop & the Ultra Police Robocycle box visible in the pile

2:08 - Sgt Slaughter is voiced by a fellow high school teacher who has one of the most booming voices I've ever heard.

3:06 - The Millersville cup in the background was from a free refill promotion they ran at  an on-campus convenience store. I forget how much my roommate and I each paid for the cups, but we drank our money's worth of soda that semester.

3:10 - When I picked out what toys that were going to be in the show, we did not  have a complete script yet. Several toys including Footloose, Outback, Lady Jay, and the rebel pilots were included basically as extras. I wanted there to be a lot of toys at the beginning of episode one and in the big battle. I had hoped that it would be noticeable how the numbers quickly dwindled though out the show. Derek chose some of these characters to have bigger roles. Some of the X-Wing pilots disappeared after the first episode along with the Star Wars battle droids. I wanted it to seem like some of the toys may have been lost in the fight.

3:48 - I don't know what happened to Mr. T's arm either. I bought him at a yard sale like that.

4:55 - Mr. T. Loot Bag - I don't know if this was saved from a party I had or if I brought it home from someone Else's party. It floated around our house for decades. I always liked that his dog had a Mohawk in the cartoon show.

5:33 - The concert. Derek explained in the script the major plot points of this adventure and gave me the three songs. Which toys where used and how they interacted was something I decided.

5:43 - Derek and I always loved the Max Rebo Band from Star Wars. As a kid I had a set with no accessories (even Sy Snoodle was missing her skirt and feather) Derek was in the same boat except his Sy was better off. In college I bought another set of the band that included Max's Organ, Droopy's Clarinet, and Sy's Feather and Skirt. I also picked up an organ that has a broken key for Derek. We used all three sets of the band here.

5:53 - General Lando Calrissian was the most recent addition to my vintage collection (at the point in time I animated this) so he got a little bit of a close-up. My friend, Greg, gave him to me for my birthday.

6:04 - I don't have either of the two microphones that come with the band set, so the old fashion looking mic came with a Muppet's Tonight figure Brian gave me. It's so out of scale to these toys that I built the cardboard stage to make the microphone the correct height One Sy is wearing a scarf that came with an X-Men Movie Rouge figure and the other is wearing a jacket from a Disney Cinderalla mouse McDonald's toy

7:16 You can see Buddo (GI Joe Samurai) has removed his "silly hat" as instructed by Sgt. Slaughter.

9:00 This one of the widest shots of the Heroes base. You can see a He-Man & the MOTU poster, a KISS t-shirt, and a Simpsons calendar.

10:00 The concert crowd is made up of all of the vintage Star Wars toys I owned at the time except Squid Face who was used ealier in the series. Here you can see the custom GI Joe figures of Derek and Kevin (myself) from our show Animation Creation. We get a little cameo. The only other no-vintage Star Wars toys in the crowd is the Alien Prisnor that Chuckles freed in the first episode. He is sitting in the front row not far from Chuckles. He's a 2000's era Star Wars toy.

10:51 Some of the fans begin to rush the stage.

11:43 Along with training the Heroes Sgt Slaughter tried out a few escape plans of his own, but never risks his own life. "The Juggernaut" was made from two small Pringles cans for wheels, a Poptarts box, and plastic silverware

13:11 Sgt Slaughter was one of my favorite GI Joes as a kid. He was actually hard to animate with because that figures joints are really loose from being played with so much as a kid. It kind of shocked me at first how mean and evil Derek wrote the character. With Drew's vocals added to the animation I really liked the finished product and it cracks me up. He's like an enemy within their own ranks.

13:40 For the third song in the concert the only non-Rebo Band member get to sing. This is a Cantina Band member that was a mail-away figure in the late 90's. Later they reused the mold and put out a set that had 5 or 6 of them so you could have the entire Cantina band.

14:43 Here you can see the Prisoner from Chuckles' adventures in the first episode. (Bottom Right Corner)

14:49 Boba Fett (the most bad ass vintage toy) takes out some rowdy concert goers that are blocking his view.

15:02 The third Max Rebo figure get to play the little Theremin I made for Derek in Animation Creation because he doesn't have an organ.

15:19 Lobot gets tied of a rowdy Ewok and throws him into Boba Fett. Then Fett deals with Lobot

15:37 The beaten Lobot bumps into Bespin Han Solo and he calls out Boba Fett. The riot is on! (having a riot during the 3rd song was pretty much the only plot point Derek gave me for the concert)

16:19 Sgt. slaughter's next idea is to dig their way out with "shovels". The toys would have had a hard time digging though the floor with plastic spoons, but had they been successful they would have just ended up in the drop ceiling of the floor below them. The dorm room is on the 7th floor.

17:24 We haven't heard from Spider-Man in a while, but it seems like he's on to something. It also seems like he's gotten better at using ticky-tac to stick to the walls.

17:31 Sorry Transformer fans that the closest thing your favorite toy line is getting to a mention. There are a lot of major toy lines that were left out of the show. Something I would try to correct if we were doing it over again. A little Monday Morning (9 years later) Quarterbacking.

17:47 This is the only episode with bad language.

18:04 The 90's Star wars toys had a very hard time standing on the carpet so they have to really hug the wall. It kind of works out though because it seems like they are sneaking into the hallway.

18:35 The ewoks fight over the one singers scarf that was thrown into the crowd just before we cut back to the heroes in the room

19:33 After Amanaman throws the organ into the bleachers Chuckles decides he knows when fun ends and trouble begins. So he heads off to his next adventure in the ceiling.

20:32 Drew, not being a child of the 80's, messed up the Animal Commercial song. It came off sounding like Sgt Slaughter doesn't care enough to know the words and even more mocking so we used this take.

21:20 I decided that it would be funny to show Shockwave again at the end of the episode when the toys are sitting around bored in an ice cube.

21:47 Since the toys always "die" when they try to escape I decided to have Shockwave pop apart 3/4 of the way through the thawing process. It's kind of in honor of my favorite X-Men, Iceman. In the early 90's I had the toy that would change colors when you put him in the freezer. I played with him all the time and one day I took him outside in the snow and his glue joint popped and he fell apart. After that every time I played with him one of the bad guys would "shatter" him, since he wouldn't stay together.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Mariner - Mortal Clash Review

Not to long ago I reviewed a figure from a line of anime inspired characters called Mortal Clash. Today I am reviewing a second figure from the line, Mariner.. I think this guys is pretty cool. I've included a couple pictures of the boxed toy.


 Merman from MOTUC even made his way into this Mariner video.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

TMNT Snow globe without the globe

One year for my birthday I got a Teenage Mutant Ninja Tutles pencil taped to the outside of a wrapped present. The art on the pencil was pretty standard looking cartoon art, but all the turtles has red masks. At the time I didn't really understand this, later I learned of their comic origins. Instead of an eraser the pencil has a little snow globe that contained Michelangelo and glitter.

I had it for years and eventually the water all evaporated. So in middle school or high school I decided to crack it open and take a better look at the miniature TMNT inside. I've had him ever since in a box of miniature toys that could be used as "action figures" for toys in stop motion animations.

You can see him is the promo shot here for our animated series Animation Creation along with many other small toys.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Matty's SDCC's Most Wanted Sale

So all month MattyCollector.com is running their SDCC's Most Wanted Sale. They are taking 10% off their essesial items and have some other reissue items available. I like to support the line so I decided to get a 2nd Wind Raider becuase I really want more MOTUC vehicles. I didn't have Vikor or Sy-Klone so I needed to order them. I have been thinking about ordering some of the "essential" figures so I don't have to keep digging mine out of the display case to animate, plus I thought if kids come over they could play with them. I got duplicates of  He-Man, Battle Cat, She-Ra, Bubble Power She-Ra, Swift Wind, and Hordak.

I picked up the two Ghostbusters (Ray & Peter) that they keep in the Essentials Collection because I have wanted to get the all the Ghostbusters in the 1st movie jumpsuits. I also picked up one of the most hated packs in the history of MOTUC,  Mo-Larr vs Skeletor pack. I actually already own it, but I wanted one to open. Being a toy collector and a stop motion animation enthusiast, Robot Chicken is awesome to me. My still sealed Mo-Larr vs Skeletor pack is the very first MOTU Classics toy I bought. It's what sucked me into the line, followed quickly by the Skeletor vs Lex Luthor comic pack. So now I have a loose Mo-Larr and I'm giving Skeletor a different head and he will be used for animations and for kids to play with. I put the Alcala Skeletor head that came with Demo-Man on my comic pack Skeletor. It's a big three way trade.

So, the credit card bill was pretty big, but this stuff is a load of fun. I should be reviewing some of this stuff before long. I am going to be away next week so there will not be any major updates. I'm hoping to have internet access, but since it is not guaranteed there will not be any major video reviews.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Shazam! Thunderbolt

As part of a line of Super Hero themes cars in 1979 Corgi released the Shazam! Thunderbolt. This yellow low rider racer features lighting bolt decals, a miniature Captain Marvel at the wheel, and his magic word on the side. I got this car from a neighbor kid who game me all his matchbox and hot wheels cars when he outgrew them. It shows it age and the fact that it's had two owners.

The decals are a little worn and there is a lot of paint wear on Captain Marvel's head. Three is a small silver lighting bolt on each side of the cockpit, and both of them are also snapped off. As a kid I hard a hard time understanding the whole Shazam! / Captain Marvel thing. It wasn't until i got older that I figured out that Shazam! is the magic word to turn Billy into Captain Marvel and not his name. What a dumb copyright issue anyway.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Hurricane Hordak - MOTUC

Hurricane Hordak is the newest figure in my MOTUC collection. He was a quarterly varient that I passed up or missed out on when I first go into MOTUC. I happen to win him in a give-a-way being run on JTMitchell87's youtube channel.

Hurricane Hordak's batwing blade of doom.

I liked how Hurricane Hordak ripped though a sheet of paper with this weapon in the vintage toy commercial.

Hurricane Hordak's final weapon.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Action Figure Adventures - Episode 7

Usually I get these episodes posted first thing Saturday morning, but I was so busy reading stuff online about new toys revealed at SDCC that I didn't get to work on the blog right away. Then the mail came and I got some fun packages. Then my buddy Dave wanted to get lunch at the Trenton Farmers Market in NJ, so now it's afternoon.

Anyway, this is the 7th episode out of 8 total! Everyone involved in this project has waited so long for the release of the series, and now we only have one more week before the entire show has been released. Let me just say that this is probably my favorite episode.

In the first episode Robin inspired the heroes to find a way to freedom. Since then they have tried escaping via the window,  the drop ceiling, the stairs, the trash shoot, and by riding the giant. The heroes are getting desperate. Scoop and Barbeque turn to Sgt Slaughter hoping he can whip the heroes into shape and come up with a new plan.

At the same time Chuckles who has been through some crazy adventures in the ceiling gets a break. He stumbles across a concert and gets a chance to just enjoy being where he is for a change. Nobody knows how to throw a party like a Kenner Vintage Star Wars party.

Check it... Episode 7!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Action Figure Adventures Ep 6 Eggs

It's Friday and I'm waiting to see the new He-Man figures that are going to be revealed in less than an hour at SDCC. While I am waiting I figured I better get this weeks instalment of Easter Eggs and Notes written up. So here a few things to look for or think about on a second viewing of 6th Episode of Action Figure Adventures.


2:11 "The other place"... finally there is a connection between the dorm room and the place where the toys are dumped in the opening of the show

2:52 The Giant really hasn't been involved in the show at all since he brought Robin into the room and opened him up. (He gets a bit of screen time in this one) Because I (myself) was a character in the show I told Derek I didn't really want to be a voice in the show. I though it might be weird (at least for people that know me). I did end up being one of the Tiger Force Flunkies, but they have a small part and I disguised my voice somewhat.

3:55 We watched a little bit of the Big Easy before making Brian voice Gambit.

5:32 There is a picture of the real Mr. T. on the far left side.

7:26 Derek remixed the Adult version of Robot Parade by They Might be Giants for the Episode

8:50 When Craig provided the voice of the Robot God he used the "In a World" announcer guy voice. Derek later added the electronic echo effect.

8:54 The return of the Cloner. She was the first character that Chuckles met in the ceiling. Her backpack is actually for Luke Skywalker to carry Yoda during his jedi training.

9:22 Derek agonized over the sound of Chuckles kicking the Robot God. How do you make a sound for two plastic toys hitting each other, but still make it sound hard?

9:47 Outback's voice was one of the last ones we recorded for the show, and held up production. According to his GI Joe bio he is from Wyoming but how could we pass up having the guy named Outback be an Aussie? We has a lot of trouble finding an Australian in the US to do the voice for us. We were lucky to get James to do his best impression. James owns my local comic book shop, Cyborg 1.

9:54 I used that Star Wars backpack for a couple years in college until it fell apart. My roomate always refered to it as "The Backpack of Justic". I had one Proffessor who would always say "Grow up man! You're going to be a teacher. One of the other Proffessors in the same department (who I worked for) always said he loved it because he could pick my backpack out in a pile of
bags. So he'd know if I were in the building.

10:44 Outback's hat isn't really his. Derek wanted him to leave something behind in the backpack as a sign. I thought it would be weird to have him leave his backpack in the backpack so I gave him a Crocodile Dundee hat that belongs to a GI Joe bad guy.

11:25 In case you never noticed before... this shot makes it obvious that the 1982 straight arm Scarlett figure used in the show has a broken waist piece. You can easily see the metal t-hook that attaches her legs to the rubber band inside the figure.

13:18 I bought the "Robot God" at a store called Quakerhead on South Street in Philadelphia. At one point in time I had planned to do animations using a bunch of Gundam robots as the armored costumes for a group of vigilantes. That didn't go anywhere beyond some early idea. The toy was used in the Too Many Robots episode of our show Animation Creation. He actually fell while animating that show and and his hip broke. It made him little harder to animate for this series since he really only has one leg.

13:27 The Robot God doesn't seem to mind damaging his disciples while he tries to eliminate Chuckles.

17:21 Derek hates it when I put my room mate Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen poster in the shots.

18:23 The memorial has gotten pretty big over last 6 Episodes and doesn't show all the character who have meet their end.