Monday, July 30, 2012

Flint Shampoo Bottle - GI Joe

I picked up this shampoo bottle at Wizard World this year. He's kind of funky and cool. I have several licensed shampoo bottles from 80's properties. This is based on the 1985 Flint action figure. He even has his accessories molded on. In the front you can see his shotgun and on the back his backpack. The sticker on his base reads:
Warrant Officer
Code Name: Flint
GI Joe

 Now, I'm sure shampoo companies spend enough money on licensing fees that they aren't going to spend a fortune on the sculptor, but look at him. He has no chin. Flints neck runs right into his mouth. The bottle is marked 1986.


  1. Cool bit of Nostalgia. When I was a kid I had a Storm Shadow one a couple times.