Sunday, September 9, 2012

Dr. Gangreen - Attack of the Killer Tomatoes

In the early '90 I was moslty playing with TMNT and GI Joes. I was pretty focused on only a couple of current toy lines, plus picking up vintage Star Wars figures at yard sales. My buddy Derek was always  finding the craziest new toys that I had never seen before. Things like Monsters in My Pocket and Attack of the Killer Tomatoes. One year for Christmas his folks gave me two Killer Tomato figures. Each pack came with a monstrous Tomato and a PVC figure for them to eat. The little PVC people were the human characters from the Killer Tomato cartoon show. I never saw the cartoon, so based on the commercials for the line, I think Dr. Gangreen is the mad scientist who created the Killer Tomatoes.

He is from the Dr. Gangreen Vs. Ketchuck set. Ketchuck looked like the dumb tomato of the bunch. He has that dopey cartoon look to him. So this little guy can't do much, he has no articulation and not really very good paint apps. I'm not sure what happened to the other toys I had from this line.

I set Dr. Gangreen aside at one point to use as the Robot Chicken Mad Scientist if we ever did more episodes of our show Animation Creation. I wanted to do a scene where our characters were driving somewhere on a stormy night and run over a chicken. I'd have this guy come out of the bushes to grab the road kill and then fans of Robot Chicken would get it, that this would lead to the opening of Robot Chicken. Of course since having this ideas I now own an actual Robot Chicken Mad Scientist figure.


  1. Neat little figure! And i only saw the cartoon a couple of times and more in tuned with the two movies.

    1. They were fun toys. As a kid I wanted to get one of the tomatoes that had arms and legs made out of vines. They seemed even cooler than the "just heads" tomatoes.

  2. I recently did a post about the tomatoes and I agree the ones with the arms and legs were really cool