Sunday, September 30, 2012

Commissioner Gordon - Batman: TDKR

When the new Batman movie figures came out I wanted to get all of them to build the Collect and Connect light up Bat-Signal. Unfortunately, I didn't get out much to toy hunt and pretty much missed them in stores. I did get Batman and Commissioner Gordon, but that's far from the complete set. Gordon uses the standard DC Universe suit body. He features a long  jacket over the suit and a good looking head sculpt with glasses. Gordon came with an axe, pistol, and damaged Bat-Signal parts.

 Gordon & Dent are going to clean up Gotham

When Batman becomes a public enemy, Gordon smashes the Bat-Signal


  1. Is this a Movie Masters figure and if so where were they selling these?I've only come across the limited articulated figures.

    1. Yes, he is a Movie Masters figure. I bought him at Walmart while the movie was still in the theaters.