Friday, September 7, 2012

Zoloworld Case for Carded 3 3/4" figures

I don't consider my self to be a Mint on Card (MOC) collector. I open almost every action figure I buy. How else would I animate with them? I do think that the packaging art is really cool on toys and I always save the card backs. I can't pass up buying carded figures of vintage toys if I see them at a good price, and since I own so many loose figures usually I have no desire to open the carded version. So I have slowly built up a collection of carded toys. Then I started buy figures occasionally from modern lines to keep carded just as an example of the line. I never buy more than one or two figures from a modern line to keep carded.

at this point I needed to get some cases to protect and display these packaged sampled I have from the various lines. I've seen some of the  cases before at one of their events, and have seen a few reviews of them online. Last weekend I called up Mike from Zoloworld to ask him a few questions and then ordered a handful of cases.

Bellow are pictures of some of the carded figures in their Zoloworld cases.

 Mail-Away Clone Wars and Mail-Away Vintage Collection

 25th Anniversary and Vintage Weapon Pack

 Episode 1 and Power of the Force (PotF2)

 Original (Vintage) and Direct to Consumer (DTC)

Funskool GI Joe made in India (my computer was giving me issues on rotating this one)


  1. These i hear are very nice a must for MOC collectors.

  2. Those are great if you have the room for them.I keep all of my cardbacks as well and would love to display those in some way.Right now they are stashed in my drawer.

  3. I checked out the video after my first comment.Great stuff there,and awesome collection!