Saturday, September 1, 2012

Starship Eternia - (NA) He-Man

(New Adventures) He-Man is a line I haven't mentioned on the blog yet. This update to the Masters of the Universe line was short lived, but still had some interesting things to offer like the Starship Etenria vehicle/playset. This particular example of the Starship is missing it's decals, battery cover, and elevators. (Maybe some other parts as well... not sure) It's an impressively large toy and incredible that it was included in such a short lived line of toys. Check out the animated review below.

Here are a couple of shots of the cockpit.

Here is a look inside the Starship

Box Art (sorry, someone wrote on it :P)

Here are some pictures of the images on the box that show how the pieces 
can be used to create 12 different configurations of  of the ship.

I think it is cool that they designed the ship so it could connect with other vehicles in the line. This shows a lot of planning went into the line and adds a lot of play value to the toys.


  1. I forgot all about this line. These toys look like loads of fun!

  2. The Starship is pretty cool. I wish I had more accessories to the figures.