Friday, September 14, 2012

Nosferatu - Silent Screamers

Originally I planned to work on another animated review tomorrow, but they are behind on getting set up at the Haunted Hay Ride (Sleepy Hollow - video) I work at during October and called me in tomorrow. So, I may be building some stuff or painting, not sure which yet. In honor of the hayride I decided to post about a toy I was saving for next month.

Count Orlok from Nosferatu is the original movie vampire, and for an old silent film villain he's damn creepy. My buddy Paul, who is a video game and toy dealer, gave him to me carded a couple of years ago with a few other toys he was tired of dragging to shows without a sale.

He's got a weird lanky sculpt with a creepy face. He came with a rat covered base (not pictured) and his skin changes color in sunlight. He's unfortunately a little hard to stand up. His legs are sculpted into an odd stance.


  1. Sweet! I would love to have one of these. I must keep my eyes out for a super cheap one on my next Flea Market trip.

  2. I had one and sold it when Dad died....I will never understand why I got rid of my collection like that.

  3. Yeah, he's cool. Sorry to hear that Hobby.

  4. This is the one that came out in that black and white Dracula film correct?Very creepy.

    1. He's from an old silent black/white film called Nosferatu. It's a similar story to Dracula but the vampires name is Count Orlok.