Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Spider-Man - McDonalds

During the mid-90's when the Spider-Man cartoon was on tv McDonalds offered Spider-Man toys in their Happy Meals. The toys features several mini action figures and a couple of character based vehicles.

 Spider-Man features neck, shoulders, and waist articulation. 
He has a decent sculpt and a nice paint job. He's a fun little figure.

 Peter Parker has a little action feature where if you raise his fist hand his head flips over to reveal his "spider-sense". This is represented by showing half his face and half of his costume face. His other hand has a camera sculpted into it. The cameras arm is his only normal articulation point. (We actually used this figure in the interview portion of Animation Creation Ep 10)

 Here you can see the "spider-sense" head. The feature is not spring loaded, but reminds
 me of the morphing action Power Ranger figures from the same era.

 Mary Jane Watson features no articulation, but it was nice that they included her in this line. 
The girl is often overlooked in a boys toy line. she came with a snap on alternate outfit 
and a briefcase, but I don't have them to show.

The last action figure from this line is Dr. Octopus. He has articulation at his head, shoulders, and each of his mechanical arms. He is the best of these mini figures for sculpt and articulation. Doc Oc was a lot of fun.

I also had the Scorpion Vehicle from the line, but it doesn't fit in the scale of these figures and wasn't stored with them so it's not pictured. The other vehicles in this happy meal line (which I never had) were based on Spider-Man, Venom, and the Hobgoblin.


  1. I just saw that Peter Parker one at the flea market over the weekend but passed on it in favor of the GI Joe Zarana figure lying next to it.

  2. These look great Buzz!

  3. These are awesome, every one! Articulation in a figure is nice, but these have a fun style with pretty detailed for what they are- I liked the recent Green Lantern McDonalds toys- they had light features, translucent plastic, and everything!